Madness of the Graves

Liste des groupes Heavy Black Root Madness of the Graves
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Nom du groupe Root
Nom de l'album Madness of the Graves
Type Album
Date de parution 2003
Style MusicalHeavy Black
Membres possèdant cet album6


Re-Issue in 2005 by Monster Nation on LP
Limited to 500 copies
1. Omen
2. Then (the Tale About Destiny)
3. Madness of the Graves (Calling)
4. Talking Bones (the Story of Legacy)
5. Endowment (Refused Message)
6. Tree (Power of Calling)
7. Autumn (Legend About Life)
8. In the Heart of Darkness (Ballad of Ancient Realms)
9. The Last Gate (the Story of Demons)
10. Afterwards (the Tale at the End)