Hell Symphony

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Nom du groupe Root
Nom de l'album Hell Symphony
Type Album
Date de parution 1991
Labels Zeras Agency
Style MusicalHeavy Black
Membres possèdant cet album24


1. Belzebub
2. Belial
3. Lucifer
4. Abaddon
5. Asmodeus
6. Satan
7. Leviathan
8. Astaroth
9. Loki
10. The Prayers
Also released by Cacophonous Records (Nihil 11CD in April 1996) with a different layout and 2 extra tracks (The Oath & Satan's March)
Re-released in 2001 with Kärgeräs on a double-cd collection with Bonustracks
11. The Oath
12. Satan's March
13. The Old Ones (Live)
14. Message (Live)
15. Leviathan (Live)
16. Píseò Pro Satana (Live)
Re-released by Kneel Before The Master's Throne Records in 2007 as 12" picture disc with printed jacket sleeve
Re-released by I Hate Records in December 2008 with the following bonustracks
11. The Oath
12. Satan's March
13. Lucifer (Live)
14. Leviathan (Live)
15. Song for Satan (Live)