Confusion Bay

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Nom du groupe Raunchy
Nom de l'album Confusion Bay
Type Album
Date de parution 2004
Labels Nuclear Blast
Style MusicalMetalcore
Membres possèdant cet album26


Re-Mastered in 2009
1. Join the Scene
2. I Get What I See
3. Summer of Overload
4. Watch Out
5. Nine - Five
6. Show Me Your Real Darkness
7. Confusion Bay
8. The Devil
9. Insane
10. Morning Rise and a Friday Night
11. Bleeding Pt. 2

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Commentaire @ JakeDaSnake

15 Mars 2011

Brought down by some pitfalls, but still manages to be a good album.

Raunchy seemed like a great band to check out, seeing as how I'm a big fan of nuclear blast records. Apparently they are not extremely well known. I have to admit, it was partially the album cover that first got me interested in this record, which is good because that will only help sales with an album.

Upon listening to this album I realized that their are both upsides and downsides. The music is actually not that bad most of the time, although not very creative. I like there use of pads and keyboard effects, which only adds to the music in most cases. A noticeable feature is their speed and style. They have almost a punky style to their drum pattern in some riffs. As far as vocals, the singing is actually pretty good, and stays on key most of the time, almost sounding like Chad Grey from Mudvayne, although that's just my point of view. The downfall of the vocals, is the growling vocals. I'm not going to lie, the screaming vocals piss me off in this record and don't fit the style of the music. It almost overlaps some of the other instruments in some cases and just doesn't sound very developed. They just sound annoying and strained. That is one of the only downfalls of this album, other than the slight lack of creativity.

This album is definitely worth a look, but not something that I would recommend to purchase. It really depends on the listener. 12/20

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