Blacklight Deliverance

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Nom du groupe Black Sun Aeon
Nom de l'album Blacklight Deliverance
Type Album
Date de parution Octobre 2011
Produit par
Style MusicalDeath Gothique
Membres possèdant cet album30


1. Brothers
2. Solitude
3. Sheol
4. Oblivion
5. Horizon
6. Wasteland
7. Nightfall

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Black Sun Aeon

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Commentaire @ blind_17

21 Avril 2013

A wonderfull album !

Tuomas Saukkonen has created a rainbow of music. To listen to this album, is like to travel to other worlds, so melancholic,so dark but also dreamy and enchanting.Songs like Brothers and Wasteland are so beautiful and amazing in their playing which touches on from the first moment. This work on this album for me is a trip to worlds out of your mind. This is my opinion for this piece of art also know n as Blacklight Deliverance.

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