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Thinking of Greek metal, Septic Flesh is surely one of the first bands that would come on your mind as first. And no wonder! These days the kings of southern dark metal are finishing their work on their new album but still found time to play a show for Prague, which was a great opportunity to talk with Christos Antoniou, the guitarist and one of original members about the work on their new album and future plans.

interview SepticfleshSo how did you enjoy playing here?
It was great. We played here two years ago with Vader and I think with Cryptopsy and it was really great. Always in the Czech Republic it is great.

It’s been a two years since you released Communion. What have you been doing all this time? Anything new about the band?
We have toured a lot, for six months. In Europe and also in America, we were very busy. And we started composing new material one year ago. We have finished the recording and tomorrow we are going to Sweden to mix it.

Communion was, as most of your fans will agree, a masterpiece and now you’re working on a new album. How hard is it to create after making something so precious? Isn’t there a feeling you have to beat your previous success?
You know, I was really annoyed because the response to Communion was really great and I was worried. But new album is really amazing. You know, I know it sounds cliché because everybody when they create something new they say it’s the best, it’s great and so on but this album is our best work. We dedicate a lot of work to it, we have worked really hard, we spent a lot of time composing and I think this is our best moment. You know, you will say if it’s good or not, the fans, this is just our opinion.

Can you reveal anything about your new album, the concept or the main idea?
Although I’m not the person about the lyrics, I can say only that the concept of our work is about death in general.

The work on it should be already almost finished, right? When is the release of your album planned?
Yes, it is almost finished and tomorrow we mix it with Peter Tägtgren from Pain in Abyss studio. And you know, we have no official release date planned yet. And Season of Mist needs to promote it so I think it will be like Communion – March or April.

Will any tour be following?
We already have some offers but we don’t want to rush. We have booked only Hellfest to play next year and now we will study all our offers and we will choose the best options for us what to do.

Right now you’re on a single show outside Greece. For most of bands it’s inconvenient to leave country for one show. How come it’s not for you?
For us it’s never a problem. You mean why it should be? Because our position it’s far? No no no! You know, we like to come play everywhere! But the Czech Republic is always great for us to play in, always! And you know, I don’t say this just because you are from Czech, it’s because first time we played here in 1999 and we always have great time. Always! Although you know, these days we are very tired because we were two months in studio and we were ve
interview Septicfleshry very busy, and we played one show and tomorrow we’re leaving to Sweden. So it’s very difficult.

Did you record with Prague orchestra this time as well as for Communion? Why did you choose this particular one?
Yes, we were recording with this orchestra again after they did a great job on Communion. The conductor is really great; he knows how to approach the music the musicians. And they are really great musicians; they can play easily from the first time. It’s really amazing you know. The Prague orchestra is really good!

But aren’t the expenses for hiring a whole orchestra a little too high?
Oh yes, they are. We really had 150 people. Ninety people for orchestra, then boy soprano, percussions, piano… It was a lot of people involved in this album. But it’s not as expensive as having London orchestra for example and it still sounds really great!

It’s been quite a while since you maade a music video. Don’t you plan anything with the new album?
The only video we made was twelve years ago. We want to create something good you know. We don’t want just something with one camera. It is in our plans to cooperate with one artist from France and then one artist from Poland. And it is in our plans to release a new video. But not yet, not now.

And what about some live DVD with some concert footage or anything like that?
It is also in our plans. It will be a special edition after the release of the album. The recording with the orchestra, then from my brother some artworks, some designs. And after that maybe we will plan a release of a DVD. You know, it depends on a label. Because this is our last album with them, I don’t know what may happen, we may stay or not. We don’t know, you can never know.

What affects the choice of songs you play live the most? What is your favourite song to play live?
It really depends. This time we still have to promote Communion and majority of the song is from there. For me the best song is Persepolis I would say. This song has all the orchestra, the melodies, aggressive moments, it is a mix of everything. This song is all from Septic Flesh.

I’ve heard that in Greek metal scene everyone knows everyone. Is that true? What advantages or disadvantages it does it have?
(laughs) Yeah, it’s true. I never thought much about it! Hey, who told you that everyone knows everyone?!

N: Well I’ve talked to some Greek musicians and that’s what I found out.

Yeah, that’s true, we’re small country and small scene so we all know each other, right? But I never thought of advantages of it or if it is an advantage or disadvantage. But for us it’s good because when we know each other
interview Septicflesh we also have their respect. So that’s it.

These days, mainly because of crisis, it must be rather difficult to make your living from music, right? How is it for you?
I must say I am very happy I earn money from music. Because it’s not only for Septic Flesh, it’s also my work as a composer; I own a professional studio where we have recorded the new album. And I am very very glad, because you know, Greece is not so rock, it’s more ethnic and the majority of the music is trash, it’s rubbish, and it’s very difficult for a Greek band to do something outside. Because you know, we are very far, we don’t have the same opportunities like the Swedish bands. They are like Brazilians in football; it is easy there for a band. And also people in Greece don’t respect the metal musicians like for example here in central Europe. And also it’s crap with the crisis, the politicians, the like ate everything! For us, we have to do a big effort.

And so what’s new about your project, Chaostar?
Now, after we finish everything, in a month I have to rest a little because I’m working too much on this album. But then I will start to work on my new project. I’m thinking about writing something like an opera. I started working with Medea, I started the lyrics and will start composing next month.

During your already twenty years long music career what was the worst and best thing that has ever happened to you?
The worst moment was when we stopped the band because we reached the point when we couldn’t continue the work. And this was real tough for us. And the best moment… I think now is our best moment. Now, after Communion. Because we see all our efforts are paying back. Everybody starts to recognize our music, respect us, and respect our music. And all the time we want to create something honest. We don’t follow any trademarks, any fashion; we do work from our hearts. We compose something for art and not only something you will forget after five years. So you know, after twenty years we are still alive! And this is very important. And we managed to create something from zero.

Our website’s name is Spirit of Metal so I would like to ask you what does the spirit of metal mean to you?
Spirit of metal? For me metal is, how to say it… You know, at the beginning, after I started listening to the music in the first years on my college, I despised metal. But without metal I wouldn’t be here. I’ve been working with orchestra and all my work… Metal is my life! Much more than anything else. Metal for me will always be crucial, for my career as a musician and as a person, everything.

Any last words?
Well, I hope you will like our new album and we will play everywhere to satisfy all our fans.
Interview done by Nastasia

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