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For this interview I have chosen the Blackened Death Metal band Aditus from Argentina. Aditus had granted us his very first EP, an opulent proposal concealing magic, technicality, a truly intense, rich and emotional work. It's Maleficarum, vocalist / guitarist of the project who was kind enough to answer my questions.

When was formed Aditus? Which are your main inspirations for create Black metal as yours?


Áditus has its roots in Colombia, however, I can say that the sound we currently have was consolidated as of 2019. It is a project formed in 2016, but we had several line-up changes, until The Chambert of three  Lords was sealed, with the arrival of Lord Chest, our drummer, for this date.

The main inspiration for Áditus is medieval literature, and from the 19th century. It has also been inspired by occult literature, from Las Claviculas de Solomon, El abramelin, among others.


You are the vocalist, guitarist and also illustrator. Your artworks are awesome, how do you have learned to draw?

Thank you very much for that recognition. I think that over the years I have looked for a way to integrate various artistic aspects in an interdisciplinary way. This means that I have not only focused on music or writing, but have also integrated my paintings over the years. From a young age I was an illustrator for magazines and some storybooks, which allowed me to develop in this field. However, and I am more than sure that thanks to Black metal I was able to evolve with a pictorial language closer to my spirit and my true nature.



Aditus plays also live. Do you like this experience?


This is correct!. Being a project made up of four musicians, we have focused on doing some live recitals, since we consider that this damned synergy that arises from the public encourages us to continue with our purpose. It is an artistic bet in all its dimensions. It is clear that live recitals produce immense satisfaction, since all the work that we have done during these years converges there and is visible not only with the physical material or the dissemination of the networks, of which, without a doubt, we very thankful; also each presentation is valuable, because only there our search and how genuine it is becomes evident


Who make the clip videos for the band? "Ritualis Liber Abdul Alhazred" song video is awesome.


This video has its own particular and Lovecraftian stamp. It is based on the Necronomicon, a book that the madman Abdul Alhazred used to perform his rituals. Perhaps it is the same book that Maleficarum turns to to make their respective invocations, prey to madness and death. We recorded part of this video in a antique house, like a tenement from the middle of the 20th century. It had belonged to two sisters who were spiritists. Curiously, and by way of anecdote, the tablecloth where we have the book is the same one that they used to make their invocations. As you can see in the video, it has two quadrants that refer to the spiritual planes. It was quite shocking to record in this place, full of history and with so many dark nuances. To finish off our task, we recorded the second part, at the end of December 2020, because due to the pandemic, we could not complete the pending recording shots. Matías Ugarriza was the one in charge of making the plans. We recorded in an emblematic park in the south of Buenos Aires, also with a lot of history. It was a great experience, because we really managed to leave our mark and start the genesis of Maleficarum and The Chamber of the three lords.


For conclude, would you add something else? 


We are very grateful for your interest and your great dissemination work. It has been a pleasure answering these questions. We hope that our sound reaches the depths of hell itself.

Interview done by Antonin_Martin

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