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Spanish Pagan metal scene isn't particularly brilliant. This is the least we can say. Yet a small band might well make the difference in the future. Incursed born in 2007 does not offer a revolution, but could become a showcase for Spanish pagan. A self-produced album "Morituri" was released in 2010, a next one is in preparation.

interview IncursedHello INCURSED,
Can you make a presentation of your band, your line up and your background?

Hi! We are Incursed, a pagan metal band from north Spain! First of all, thanks to AlonewithL and Spirit of Metal for this interview.

Incursed was formed about 4 years ago in Burgos by Narot and Sergio. However, we raised up in Bilbao when Lander, Jonkol and Asier Amo joined the band. We've done many gigs around Spain and even in Italy. We have a demo CD called “Time to unsheathe our rusty swords” and a debut album, called “Morituri”, both self-produced. Actual line up is Narot-Guitar and vocals, Jonkol-Keyboard and backing vocals, Juan-Bass, Asier A.-Drums and Asier F.-Guitar.

In february 2011, there was a change. Sergio and Lander left the band, could you tell us why?
Yes. There was a moment in the band in which we felt that we had to go one step over, for as we wanted to set up as a serious band. But some of the members were upset because Lander was not as skilled as he was supposed to be, for he had been in the band for more than two years and he usually didn't practice with his guitar. So there was a talk between all the members and told him what we thought. It was quite difficult for us to decide that Lander should not continue in the band. A couple days later, Sergio told us that he was leaving the band. He had to focus on his studies, and as he was the only one who was not living in Bilbao, it was quite expensive for him to stay in the band. He felt quite sorry about that, but he had to leave.

How would you describe your music?
Raw and tough! Jokes beside, it is mixture between folk and viking metal with some sort of progressive parts, specially in the keyboards. Depending on who composes a song, ther
interview Incursede will be more folk or more progressive parts, it's like our identity sign!

What is mainly inspired your music?
Our music is mainly inspired by mysticism, nature, war, life and death. We also have some Nordic mythology inspired lyrics and even historical lyrics. However, we are always open to new sources that inspire us when composing.

Could you tell us about your favorite artists and if they have influenced your music?
There are lots of bands that we usually listen to. Bands like Ensiferum, Equilibrium, Immortal (Narot specially likes Immortal!), Alestorm...

Of course they influenced our music. Nowadays it's difficult to find something that is really new, but it's important to give a song the nuance that defines a band. You can think “hey, this does not looks like X band usually sound, but I'm sure they are!” That is the nuance.

The spanish pagan metal and spanish metal in general aren’t well know. Could you give some reasons?
There are not many pagan metal bands in Spain, we think it is not well known here. Usually spanish bands are oriented to power, classic heavy metal, thrash... But many of them sing in spanish, and that may stop them when getting into European labels, shows or even listeners. But there is quite good metal in Spain, and spanish bands should be more ambitious when getting known...

You have a self-produced debut album that looks rather promising in 2010, «Morituri». What were the challenges to its achievement?
First of all, recording. We recorded at Narot's house in a couple hot days in August. That was kinda annoying! We had few resources with which to record, but still kept on. Mastering was the most difficult part, an
interview Incursedd maybe our worst work in the album, as it could sound much way better. Then, money. Some of us could not afford to pay by their own their whole part, so we had to search for money wherever we could... Artwork was made by a couple friends, and when everything was arranged, we sent it to a company in southern Spain that printed the booklets, CD's and put them all in plastic cases.

Are you looking for a label or have you been contacted?
It would be fine for us if we can find a label that can carry the costs of a CD and the gigs, and of course could find us nice places where to play! But we haven't been contacted yet, so if any label is interested...

Other current projects? Concerts planned across the Pyrenees?
We are focused in a new album we'd like to record in the first half of 2012, but we are taking it easy.

Rush is the worst ally. And of course, we are composing and preparing new songs.

We have no concerts planned abroad now, but we have been always interested in playing in Europe. Now that the summer is ending we will join again and prepare for the winter season, looking for gigs and so.

Your five favorite albums all styles?
Jonkol: Weltenkraft - Finsterforst

Asier A.: Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence – Dream Theater

Asier F.: A night at the Opera – Queen

Juan: No world order – Gamma Ray

Narot: Lost in the loop – Liz Carrol

Do you have any comments or messages to send us?
Keep on it because you are doing a great job in metal scene! Spirit of metal is a reference for everyone!

Thanks for the interview INCURSED, and good luck.
Thank you!

Interview done by AlonewithL

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