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Black-metal is krieg ! Here's an interview in october 2005 with hellish warriors ArchaoN & Seidemann from Norway's 1349. Expect total metallic carnage !

Too much people think 1349 is Frost\'s project band. In fact he joined the band only 3 years after its creation. Please make all things clear with a history of the band?
S: Here is the official Bio of 1349:
1349 rose from the ashes of Alvheim in 1997, with Ravn (vocals & drums), Tjalve (guitars), Seidemann (bass) and Balfori (guitars). They recorded but never released a demo in early \'98, and Balfori quit shortly after due to musical differences. In early \'99 they recorded the never released promo Chaos Preferred. By then, the band realised they needed another guitarist, and found Archaon whose speed and technique took their music to a new level of intensity and brutality. Come spring 2000, 1349 decided to record a new promo showcasing the new material, and Frost of Satyricon was asked to lay down the drum tracks to get the speed required. Frost was later so impressed by the material that he asked to join 1349 as a permanent member. Holycaust Records offered them a deal and released the new promo as an eponymous mCD. By early 2001, the band felt they had enough killer songs for a full-length album - Liberation. Recorded and mixed at Gordon Studios, Liberation blended old school soundscapes with warp-speed hysteria. In the wake of such yet unreleased but unforgiving material, 1349 supported Gorgoroth, Cadaver Inc. and later performed at the Hole in he Sky festival in Bergen in 2001, as well as the Inferno festival in Oslo in 2002. After signing a new deal with Candlelight Records, Liberation was released in April 2003. This was the year when 1349 began to reap the fruits of their dark labour - their debut album received critical and public acclaim and several magazines hailed the band as The Newcomer of the Year. They were rebooked to play the Inferno Festival, and on Germany\'s high profile With Full Force Festival, where they shared stage with such high calibre bands as Zyklon, My Dying Bride and Moonspell. Their first European Tour with compatriots Aeternus and Red Harvest in November ended the year on a high for 1349. No rest for the wicked, however, and only a month after returning from the tour, the band entered Studio Studio Nyhagen to record the follow-up to Liberation. Released by Candlelight Records in April the following year, Beyond the Apocalypse helped 1349 sec
interview 1349ure their quality old school black metal reputation. On top of touring with Gorgoroth during fall 2004, 1349 performed at Aalborg Metal Fest in Denmark, Nihil Extreme Music Festival in Italy and Arnhem Metal Meeting in the Netherlands, as well as the Hole in the Sky, Måne and Working Class Hero Festivals in Norway. Hellfire, the bands 3rd album, recorded at Studio Studio Nyhagen in the course of 2005, is their most powerful musical offering so far. 1349 have refines their highly reputed sound into audible hellfire. Hell no longer awaits - it is here!

>Why did you choose this uncommon bandname?
S: Because it is as you say, uncommon, not just another evil daemon from mythology. For Norwegians that number will always conjure up visions of the plague and the horrors in its wake.

>By the end of October, your 3rd album \"Hellfire\" will be released by Candlelight. Musically, did you try different things & ideas for this brand new album?
A: Yes, we wanted to challenge ourselves with a different kind of composing- most of the songs on Hellfire are written by 1 or maximum 2 people involved. In that way, it seems that they came out fuller, if you understand where I\'m heading.

>Personally i\'ve found more thrash-metal influences on trax like \"Sculptors of Flesh\" & \"To Rottendom\". Did you compose those rawer songs in a different way?
A: The songs you mention are written by several members of the band, as mentioned above. This gave those songs a different feel.

>Let\'s talk about the production of this new album: where did you record it? I find its sound a little bit different, maybe cleaner...
A: We recorded it at Studio Studio Nyhagen - the same studio we used for \"Beyond.\"

>\"Hellfire\", the last song on the album, is also a very long song, more atmospheric. Is it a possible evolution for the future of the band, or just something you tried only once?
S: It is our tribute to the BM bands of the early nineties. It certainly sounds like it was made in that time. What the evolution of 1349 may be, only time can tell.

>Lyrically speaking, who does write your texts? Where does your inspiration come?
S: The lyrics are mostly written by Ravn or myself, although on this album Destroyer of Nocturnal Breed has contributed 3 lyrics, I have written 3, Archaon and Frost have written one each. The lyrics are mostly v
interview 1349isualizations of the images the music conveys to us when we listen to it. Personally I\'m inspired by writers such as Edgar A. Poe and H.P. Lovecraft.

>Were you satisfied with the people\'s reaction following your 2 previous albums?
S: it was, as always with 1349, either love or hate. Since we do what we want to do, and make the music we want to make, people\'s reactions are not very important to us.
A: With Liberation, we were satisfied- not surprised over the reaction, as we knew how strong the album was. The fact that it provoked a reaction at all was a good thing- rather than just pass by silently. With Beyond, I personally expected a bigger reaction, so as that didn\'t happen, I was quite frankly surprised in a way. But really: It doesn\'t matter too much what people think about it- we were more than satisfied with how the result turned out.

>Are you 100% happy with your label Candlelight? Did they show the support you need?
A: With Liberation, the answer is yes. \"Beyond.\" on the other hand- could have been lifted by the record company to a bigger extent. With \"Hellfire\" though, it seems like they\'re on the right track - our track.

>Is it always an easy thing to rehearse & compose with your drummer also playing in Satyricon ?
S: It works quite painlessly, actually. We spend the time Frost is busy with Satyricon making and rehearsing new material.

>What do your corpsepaints represent for you?
A: To me, it represents another side of our personalities- which we take out through our music. When you gather 5 individuals with (although very different) similar views/perspectives upon philosophical, mystical and dark subjects, this is an outcome- 1349.

>Tell us about your upcoming november tour with Gorgoroth. Is it a band you appreciate? Can we expect some really violent shows from 1349? Last words are yours...
The tour we did with them last year proved to be a solid package, consisting of proper Black Metal art. When both bands were releasing albums and carrying the wish for a massive tour, we decided to gather once again to spread some real darkness throughout Europe. This time we are in a position where we most definitely know that we\'re providing the crowd with something they\'ll never be able to forget. Exiting, for sure- what will happen? No one can foresee.


Interview done by In Extremis

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