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Unseen Destroyer

EP, 17 Septiembre 2008, Standby Records, BlkHeart Group

Destruction Of A Rose : Unseen Destroyer


1. Intro
2. Yesterdays Trash Queens
3. Asiatic Cholera
4. Within These Walls
5. Obviously You're Not a Golfer

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Suspended in Time

EP, 21 Julio 2009, Standby Records

Destruction Of A Rose : Suspended in Time


1. Elixir Vitae
2. Cries of the Dying
3. Under Black Flags We Sail
4. We own the Night
5. Blame It on the Alcohol
6. 5 Days from Home

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American Hell

Album, 10 Agosto 2010, BlkHeart Group

Destruction Of A Rose : American Hell


1. Suck Out the Poison
2. One Day Closer to Death
3. Open Your Eyes Not Your Legs
4. Soundtrack to Your Nightmare
5. Shine On
6. 63
7. I Kissed a Vulture
8. American Hell
9. No Need for a Crutch
10. Rise and Shine

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It's Alive

EP, 2012, Self-Released

Destruction Of A Rose : It's Alive


1. Empty Throne, Empty Crown
2. We Are Fiction
3. It's Alive
4. Wake Me When I'm Dead

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