Ultra Beatdown

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Band Name DragonForce
Album Name Ultra Beatdown
Type Album
Data de aparición 25 Agosto 2008
Estilo MusicalMelodic Power
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1. Heroes of Our Times 07:14
2. The Fire Still Burns 07:50
3. Reasons to Live 06:26
4. Heartbreak Armageddon 07:41
5. The Last Journey Home 08:12
6. A Flame for Freedom 05:20
7. Inside the Winter Storm 08:12
8. The Warrior Inside 07:15
9. Strike of the Ninja 03:17
10. Scars of Yesterday 07:49
Bonustrack (Japanese Release)
11. E.P.M 07:24
Total playing time 1:09:17

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Crónica @ Vinrock666

26 Marzo 2009
"Ultra Beatdown", the 2008 LP from DragonForce, is another body of evidence supporting the ultra-sound argument that Sam Totman and Herman Li are THE fastest guitarists in the world. Songs like "Heroes of Our Time" and "Inside The Winter Storm" showcases the quintessential style and approach of DragonForce: simple songwriting, superfast rhythms, a melodic theme, and most importantly, awe-inspiring guitar duets. Of those duets, which is standard on every track, "Heartbreak Armageddon" stands out from the others by virtue of a variance in speed and a medley-like second movement. Given the notion that Totman and Li are the CO-MVP's of "Ultra Beatdown", the most noticable areas of improvement seems to spring from the synth work and bass contribution. On "The Fire Still Burns" the first verse is backed by only the bass line, but the effect of putting that in the foreground reveals throughout that the rhythm is more bass driven and thus more prominent. Because of this heightened awareness of the low end, power isn't lost and for a band that emphasises speed, this is quite an accomplishment. Secondly, what was once merely a virtual showcase of Totman and Li, the role of synth play has expanded on "Ultra Beatdown", and songs like "The Last Journey Home", "Heartbreak Armageddon", and "The Warrior Inside" benefit much from the keys' larger role. "Reasons To Live" may be the best track on the album because of the synth horn contribution to the uplifting feel of its chorus. The songwriting itself is still super simplistic and the lyrics have no depth, although "Reasons To Live" may ring true to those who get lost in MySpace. Still, to listen to DragonForce is to be blown away by the dual virtuosity that Totman and Li present, and "Ultra Beatdown" does not fail at all at exhibiting their excellence once again.

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