The House of Atreus - Act II

Lista de los grupos Heavy Metal Virgin Steele The House of Atreus - Act II
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Band Name Virgin Steele
Album Name The House of Atreus - Act II
Type Album
Data de aparición 16 Octubre 2000
Estilo MusicalHeavy Metal
Miembros poseen este álbum80


1. Wings of Vengeance
2. Hymn to the Gods of Night
3. Fire of Ecstasy
4. The Oracle of Apollo
5. The Voice As Weapon
6. Moira
7. Nemesis
8. The Wine of Violence
9. A Token of My Hatred
10. Summoning the Powers
1. Flames of Thy Power (from Blood They Rise)
2. Arms of Mercury
3. By the Gods
4. Areopagos
5. The Judgment of the Son
6. Hammer the Winds
7. Guilt or Innocence
8. The Fields of Asphodel
9. When the Legends Die
10. Anemone (Withered Hopes... Forsaken)
11. The Waters of Acheron
12. Fantasy and Fugue in D Minor (the Death of Orestes)
13. Resurrection Day (the Final)