Suffering Is the Seed

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Band Name Nepente
Album Name Suffering Is the Seed
Type Album
Data de aparición 13 Septiembre 2012
Labels Self-Produced
Estilo MusicalDeath Black
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1. Suffering Is the Seed 05:12
2. Hell Is the Name of This Land 04:28
3. Merciful Death 04:42
4. Hear Me Howl 04:23
5. Slaves Will Always Be Slaves 06:16
6. Die for Me 04:56
7. This Shroud Is Yours 05:17
8. The Swamp 05:34
Total playing time 39:28

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Crónica @ GandhiEgo

08 Marzo 2013

Please say no.

Let’s say you live in Colombia. Let’s say you want to be in a Metal band. If you believe in predetermination, this means just one thing. You’ll be end up playing Black Death Metal, because you’ll be wanting to crush the weight of God’s religion, the corruption of officials, the violence of everyday life. Clichés? Sure, but let’s be honest, 8 out of 10 South American extreme bands have taken a pissing contest and are all rage and war and fuck you Jesus until someone will finally kick Krisiun and Sarcofago in the balls and say “Bros, make some room, we’re the new shit.”

Ranting? Yeah, right. Far from the truth? Think again. Obviously if you’re into “my band blasts more than yours” kind of bands, South America is probably the greatest place on Earth. Songwriting? Vade retro, Bro, we’re crushing and that’s all there is to it. If Nepente wanted to add more clichés than their choice of music and place of origin, guess they only needed a made in Hertz sound. Which they went for. Already buried between Ravager, The Ordher, Raebelliun and Hacavitz, the band chose to sound like Hate and Azarath as well. Put in some Marduk for good Black measure, and that’s it, shake nicely until everything’s rounded to the point of “I couldn’t be more generic if I wanted to”.

The occasional “original” riff, on The Swamp, for instance, will make you raise an eyebrow every once in a while but other than that this is your regular apocalypse-laden Brutal semi-Technical Black Death Metal. It’s fast, it’s brutal, no doubt about that, but it’s also totally uninspired (and yes, Hertz didn’t make it any better) and mindless and totally forgettable.


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