Patient 0

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Band Name Enterprise Earth
Album Name Patient 0
Type Album
Data de aparición 11 Diciembre 2015
Estilo MusicalDeathcore
Miembros poseen este álbum18


1. Shallow Breath 03:16
2. Theophany 04:59
3. Hollow Face 03:13
4. Amid Vultures 03:04
5. Porcelain Whore (ft. Dickie Allen of Infant Annihilator) 03:20
6. Kiss of the Recluse (ft. Orion Stephens of In Dying Arms) 03:43
7. Sus Cibum 02:52
8. Transorbital Awakening 04:17
9. Patient Zero 05:12
10. Amorphous (ft. Adam Warren of Oceano) 03:30
Total playing time 37:26

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Crónica @ axelboy420

26 Diciembre 2015

Enterprise Earth dropped their banger of a full-length debut

Sound: So, Enterprise Earth dropped their banger of a full-length debut after the "23" EP back last year. If any of you are familiar with Infant Annihilator then you'll know who their vocalist is: Dan the man fucking Watson. He's a monster of a vocalist and I'd say has vastly improved since his IA days and even in the year after putting out "23." Super low and heavy gutturals matched with high, ear piercing screams. His style is very unique and not a whole lot of vocalists can match his overall technique.

Instrumentally, Enterprise Earth is a 3 guitar attack consisting of BJ Samson, Will Garcia and Cliff Wagle. Two rhythm guitars to create the super spacey and dissonant sound that comes from those two. While on the other hand Will Garcia respectively handles the leads and solos on the album. Super techy and tons of cool sweeps to make the listener's ears spin. I can't forget about Brian Moore handling the even lower and heavy side of the band with the equally technical bass wizardry. From what I gather he is playing along to the guitars but adding that extra beef that Enterprise Earth has to make it even heavier that it already is. And certainly not least, Michael Davidson blasting and hitting stuff away on his drum kit from hell. Super fast, super tight and very technical. One of the best up and coming drummers the scene has.

The overall reaction I have too the sound and music on this record are many pairs of pants shat in. I was blown away with this and was highly anticipating it after seeing them live back in August. The second to the last track (also the title track) gave me a break from the technicality of the album with a creepy synth kinda sound; smart decision I'd say. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album I believe are a bit of a concept album. Patient 0 is the first person to have a said disease and doctors wonder how they had spread the disease. The writer(s) of the lyrics did a good job with this one conveying the utter brutal nature of the subject with imagery and detailed description. The music playing along to the lyrics gives it that much more of an alarming feeling and makes it just super killer.

As much as I like Dan Watson's vocal performance, it was really sweet to hear Adam Warren's guest vocals on the last track, "Amorphous." I know that was one of the first singles that came out and hopefully after having Adam on the record, it will help Enterprise Earth get more recognition they deserve. // 9

Overall Impression: When I look at it for face value and who are in the band, I want to compare "Patient 0" to Infant Annihilator's debut "The Palpable Leprosy of Pollution." But this album is so much different in terms of the lyrical content and musicianship. "TPLOP" is based on stoping the second coming of Christ. And that album was "let's be as brutal and technical as possible." Whereas "Patient 0" is more than being brutal for the sake of being brutal. Yes, it obviously features the same vocalist but there are three guitarists on this record as opposed to "TPLOP" with only one main songwriter.

My main gripe with this album is that I wish there were maybe a cool intro to lull the listener into a false sense of "oh, this album won't be that brutal" THEN BAM "Shallow Breath" hits you like a god damn freight train. Or even a sick outro to heal your anus after the beating it just got after surviving Patient 0.

If for whatever reason my copy of "Patient 0" were taken away from me, of course I would buy a second copy. Anything to help out kick ass bands that deserve all the money. // 10

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