Offspring of Time

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Band Name Burning The Masses
Album Name Offspring of Time
Type Album
Data de aparición 23 Noviembre 2010
Labels Mediaskare
Estilo MusicalTechnical Death
Miembros poseen este álbum30


 Immersed Entity
 Offspring of Time
 Resonance of the Foul
 Vicarious Wrath
 Overseer Fixation Part 1
 Overseer Fixation Part 2
 Eclipse of Autonomy
 Lair of the Blind Ones
 The Ubiquitous Pillar
 Tsar Bomb

Total playing time: 39:46

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Comentario @ lejanni

27 Enero 2011

OFFSPRING OF TIME is exactly the technical death metal one wishes for today.

In late 2010 Burning the Masses serves us their second album and according to Offspring of Time the next few years will be quite brutal. While their previous album Mind Control still had recognizable Metalcore influences, now it is purely one thing: Technical Death Metal. And the Californian five piece celebrate this ingeniously. Because instead of shredding insanely without a goal the band provides us with a golden thread for every song as a guideline for the listener.
In the first song, 'Immersed Entity', the guitars are tearing down everything with bursting riffs and broken, crooked, weird-sounding riffs but come back again to stringent melodies. 'Resonance of the Foul' stomps and rages like a madman, 'Vicarious Wrath' has its the focus on tapping and captivating grooves and 'Eclipse of Autonomy' just sounds out of space and fucked up. In 'Overseer fixation' Burning the Masses pull out all the stops: Great intro, brutal riffs, melodies and solos at its best, an acoustic break that fakes a harmony that is not really there and then a devastating ending.

Thus the songs fit together organically, like chapters in a modern book about the coming apocalypse. Matching also the end of the world feeling are the lyrics, which celebrate with grief and hatred the road to perdition: "Now we are just a race with a visible end. The human race is the only valuable source of sustenance for the subconscious underwater ensemble. Now we are just a schematic. Let the star-god apocalypse begin. "('Immersed Entity')

The final track 'Tsar Bomb' is (just like on the Mind Control record) an instrumental piece which shows for one last time what these guys are able to play. It just blows your ears and mind technically and melodically! A small minus are the bass, which is pushed into the background by the surpassing guitar play, and the drums could use a little more creativity sometimes. Apart from that, Offspring of Time is exactly the technical death metal one wishes for today.

Released by Mediaskare.

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