Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

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Band Name The Elderberries
Album Name Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained
Type Album
Data de aparición Marzo 2007
Labels Discograph
Estilo MusicalHard Rock
Miembros poseen este álbum17


1. Laying Low
2. Once or Twice
3. Running for Life
4. I Wanna Bit
5. Double Demons
6. Like a Bull
7. Gotta Get Me Good
8. The Little House
9. What You Gonna Do ?
10. Looking for a Place to Go
11. Overdose
12. Shoot for the Money
Bonustracks (from Hellphone's Movie)
13. Hellphone
14. There Will Always Be Time
15. White Heat

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Crónica @ Julien

13 Abril 2007
I have the annoying tendency has not to read the bio before listening to a disk and indeed took me. Because there is of strong luck chance for I would never have to listen
Why? It is simple. If we had said to me that a quintet of 17 years could send like that I would never have believed it. Probably the fault in a pseudo revival of the rock, or riffs bad and effect of fashion make good household to this disk.
The Elderberries does not play in this lesson, he already plays in lesson of the big, very big. Reading finally the bio, the group claims loud and clear the influence of the music of their relatives(parents): AC / DC, Led Zep, Stooges and the other one Ramones Well they learnt well their lesson the small lads. In a direction or in the other one the music perspires the rock n roll and I believed that it was about a group of forties.
The singing bottom totally in the rock landscape of the 70s '. I did not know that we had this kind of voice is 17 years old. It is in perfect adequacy with what takes place behind. Riffs is rather elaborated well always between big agreement and small hurtful note (as the fact so well our friend Angus Young).
You should not hide itself the face not, it happens that on certain passages we feel the influences but at the same time this feeling is present on a lot of other disk and nobody not shout in the scandal.It is thus indeed or the difference it is made.
The group makes of the TRUE rock n roll and a pale copies spangled in the basement of a mansion to Montmartre.
Even if the expression is not very adapted it's not serious (and yes let us remind that they are only 17 years old): that smells the beer and the sweat. Maybe that the international character played or can be that the group has of the talent simply. Other important point and which makes the difference, it is this the good seventies who reminds that big sound does not put into verse forcing with ribband.
A little bit grotty on edges we would consider returned behind and it with happiness. I have the sound of AC / DC and I have the sound of The Elderberries.
Just two little things, the dress handkerchief is of Chuck Sperry who made dress handkerchiefs for Foo Fighters and Samshing Pumpkins among others and the group is in the poster of the band original of the film Hellphone

Here is a true disk of rock n roll. Not need of paste and paillets. A guitar and an ampli are amply enough!!
Let's rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Translated by Trashykiss

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