Mondo Medicale

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Band Name Impaled (USA)
Album Name Mondo Medicale
Type Album
Data de aparición 2002
Estilo MusicalDeath Grind
Miembros poseen este álbum38


1. The Hippocritic Oath
2. Dead Inside
3. Raise the Stakes
4. Operating Theatre
5. Choke on It
6. We Belong Dead
7. The Worms Crawl In
8. To Die For
9. Rest in Fæces
10. Carpe Mortem

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Crónica @ Flizombie

03 Septiembre 2011

The godlike taste of gore

If my expectations were represented on an album would be called "Mondo Medicale"...

I had never hooked a record as much as the second work of Impaled, an album full of originality and passion like no other ever heard. Just start with a piano that reminds you of films like "Reanimator" followed by the typical voices "Necroticism" of "Carcass" would be perfect as the album continues the creators of goregrind. This little intro is the opening to what would come next, a "Dead Inside" is not the typical song that we all have in mind as the opening song of an album, that song with a basic structure made ??of anger and classic with a chorus catchy, "Dead Inside" is a song that at first you into a puzzle of riffs that are forming an improvised song defining the human body at its deepest putrefaction. The last riff is shared with the masterpiece of the album, "Raise the stakes." This song is melodious riffs infected and gloomy, but what stands out the disc is the play of voices, perfectly made ??into song, the vocal trio make the best of the story: McGrath, Sewage and LaBarre, a shrill voice tearing a putrid septic tank as a monstrous growl and walk through the list of the disk.

In general terms, not describe one by one song, you can find dark melodies and atmospheres as putrid as in "We belong dead" to barbaric riffs in "Choke on it," Riffs sick as the first minute of "Operating Theatre" to riffs that leave you floating on a medical odyssey in "To Die for" and "Rest In faeces" whose "Solo" is the best I ever heard. Another key point to remember is the intros and cuts Medically speaking, the style of Carcass also removed the voices that were heard Pitch in "The Dead Shall Dead Remains" and the lyrics of excrements. The lyrics always so medicated this time transported goregrind death metal, like "Choke on it" that explains in detail how a person can asphyxiation of different forms or "Operating Theatre" teaches us to be a doctor in conditions.

Not everything is Impaled music to the graphic also impressive. The cover of the album is surprisingly impressive, there are two versions: the deformed and mutilated face and his face wrapped in cloth as shown in the video for "Operating Theatre", a cover of the most disgusting and they set the standard Impaled for this very reason, it covers very obscene Impaled, as the beheading of a newborn in "Choice Cuts" or bath casings in "The Last Gasp" ... In video clips also have set a little, are very well done gore films where only lack budget to buy red blood (Operating theater appears in brown).

If this album has a catch (if any ...) would be "Carpe Mortem" is the song that really does not seem to belong to the disk, another job might be, but the composition did not come to like a lot, might not even have done it and the disc would have been even better, not that I complain a lot about the song but with the end of "Rest In faeces" enough ... if he had put an end doctor had engaged.
In short, "Mondo Medicale" is the best job I can recommend right now, and this work has poisoned me for days that I could not stop listening. One recommendation is to put the disc into your stereo system blaring while a frog pond diseccionais. A great album, 10/10, that everyone loves and no regret.

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Vargenhall - 05 Septiembre 2011: a great album!!!
Flizombie - 06 Septiembre 2011: the best
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