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Band Name Kartikeya
Album Name Mahayuga
Type Album
Data de aparición Abril 2011
Estilo MusicalFolk Death
Miembros poseen este álbum17


1. Sarva Mangalam
2. He Who Carries the Head of Brahma
3. The Path (ft. Marina of Ambehr)
4. Fields of Kurukshetra (ft. Kathir of Rudra)
5. Moksha
6. Neverborn (ft. Marina of Ambehr)
7. Surya Jayanti
8. Exile
9. Choirs of Oblivion
10. Utpavana
11. Satya Yuga
12. Treta Yuga
13. Dvapara Yuga (ft. Marina of Ambehr)
14. Kali Yuga

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Crónica @ Demogorefest

10 Agosto 2011

Definitely album of the year material

I had heard of this band before the release of this awe-inspiring new album, and hadn't thought too much of them with their first full length record "The Battle Begins"... it wasn't bad or boring, it just sounded like something was "missing" from their overall sound. they had hints of Hindu/Vedic instruments in their first album, but it didn't resonate with me very well, it was more like under produced melodic death/black metal with a few weird eastern instruments thrown into the mix. However, on their new album Mahayuga, Kartikeya has really improved their style...and i mean REALLY improved it.
If the first 30 seconds of the first song, "Sarva Mangalam" doesn't tell you that this is going to be something different that you've never heard before, then the hindu chanting towards the end of the song will definitely do it. The sound quality on Mahayuga is crystal clear, i can hear every instrument on this album perfectly(which is a major pet peeve for me), the mix of vedic instruments and chanting is blended fantastically with the entire album, there's never a point where they sound out-of-place or annoying at all (for best instances, check out the last 30 seconds or so of Surya Jayanti), and to top if off, the death metal parts of the album also sound pretty awesome, it's essentially a mix of Behemoth, and Decapitated (when Vitek was still alive, not their nu metal stuff they've been doing lately).
Another reason that this album scores a perfect 20 in my review is the atmosphere. Very few bands are able to blend in their own musical atmosphere into their album and even fewer are able to do so and not bring down the overall feel of the record. Certain parts of this record remind me of something out of Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom (which i know gets alot of flak from Indiana Jones fans, but i still like that movie).
It's hard to recommend tracks off this album because in all honesty, i like all of them, which hardly never happens to me, but i can't find any song on this album worth skipping over. Mahayuga is 14 tracks of complete awesomeness, and is a unique, and fresh sound that hasn't been used by any other band that i know of to date. If this whole Vedic Metal thing takes off (as i hope it does) Kartikeya (along with Rudra, who make a guest appearance in this album on the song Fields of Kurukshetra) could easily be hailed as one of the founders of the genre.
I can't stress enough that you HAVE to hear this album to believe it. If you don't think this testimonial is enough to persuade you into YouTube-ing a few of the new songs, check out the rates that some of the other members have given this album, 19/20 is the lowest rate this release has gotten so far. Mahayuga is definitely a contender for Album of the year for me, it is a fresh, unique, and all around badass release and i hope to hear many more new albums from this awesome Russian/Hindu band in the years to come.

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Mercenarion - 10 Agosto 2011: Wow, I only heard their first album. I was disappointed by that, I saw this on a tracker, but album of the year material?? I need to hear this.
Mercenarion - 10 Agosto 2011: Okay listening right now... holy shit.
miniradman - 10 Agosto 2011: I've heard of these guys, they were creating quite a shitstorm on facebook. I'll check this album out ;) nice review dude ;)
Demogorefest - 12 Agosto 2011: Thanks dude, this album is just pure awesome.. One of the most unique sounding bands I've heard in a long time. They also did a great job covering a shakira song on this album
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