Legends Act 4: Orders

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Band Name Za Frûmi
Album Name Legends Act 4: Orders
Type Album
Data de aparición 04 Julio 2008
Estilo MusicalDark Ambient
Miembros poseen este álbum3


1. Ordo Intedob
2. Ordo Inano
3. Ordo Bergeliaz
4. Ordo Defelgratio Inano Arcturus
5. Ordo Vortokh
6. Ordo Botta Secreta
7. Ordo Custos Ari
8. Ordo Nindyn Vel Uss Noamuth
9. Ordo Asomir
10. Ordo Templi Sulfurium Draconis
11. Ordo Koum Janoh Te

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Za Frûmi

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Crónica @ Irma

03 Agosto 2008
With "Legends act 4 - Orders" Za Frûmi make a giant leap forward. Combining great atmosphere with excellent, plenty of melodies and dark sounds.
Seems like an odd combination but it work and it sound really good.

The album is less aggressive than usual, more sombre and moody. Very dark and all about the Orders in the fantasy world Za Frûmi keep on building up
with all thier albums.

The stronger melodic lines and the more deeply-layered textures show influences from their work with their solo projects and Abnocto.
Not in even one song though does they sound like thier other projects.

The overall arch of the recording makes it a satisifying listen, more so than many of Za Frûmi´s early albums.

The brilliant vocals are constantly changing, and the soundscape pushes the mix to its limits.

"Legends act 4 - Orders" is one of Za Frûmi´s better, if not (to many) the best, albums. It isn’t as surprising or groundbreaking as "Cults", but it’s
mature, passionate and endlessly atmospheric.

"Orders" is probably as good as anything Za Frûmi has done, and that’s saying something.

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