Legends Act 3: Cults

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Band Name Za Frûmi
Album Name Legends Act 3: Cults
Type Album
Data de aparición 04 Julio 2008
Estilo MusicalDark Ambient
Miembros poseen este álbum4


1. The Cult of the Great Eye
2. The Cult of the Dragon Maw
3. The Cult of the Ysa Ih
4. The Cult of the Queen of Heaven
5. The Cult of Nudero
6. The Cult of Mortalis
7. The Cult of Helzichor
8. The Cult of Azoot
9. The Cult of Genohsa
10. The Cult of Maelzeth
11. The Blood Cult of the Nosferatu

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Za Frûmi

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Comentario @ Irma

03 Agosto 2008
"Legends act 3 - Cults", the new album of the band, is something magical. This kind of albums that will disturb you a lot due to its really
great production first, but above all in reason of the originality of the music.

"Legends act 3 - Cults" is really dark but also really epic, and the numerous arrangements and really good percussions are really impressive.
If you add the great voices of the singer, you can understand that this album is something really original.
The standout tracks here are "The Cult of Mortalis", a darkly unsettling piece, and "The Cult of the Ysa Ih", yet another ominous beauty,
sounding like the apocalypse. Another track that should be mentioned is "The Cult of Genohsa" which is great.

Za Frûmi shows us again that one can play music in the Metal family which doesn't sound Metal. This is no big deal if you are open-minded,
because in that case I'm sure that you'll love this album. A pure jewel of real Gothic music.

The album is done in a professional way and has a nice dark and oppressing atmosphere from the start to end.
Full of passion and grandeur, its one of the most enjoyable albums in years.

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