Horror Metal

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Band Name Cadaveria (ITA)
Album Name Horror Metal
Type Album
Data de aparición 31 Enero 2012
Estilo MusicalGothic Black
Miembros poseen este álbum51


1. Flowers in Fire 06:52
2. The Night's Theatre 05:02
3. Death Vision 05:03
4. Whispers of Sin 03:43
5. Assassin 05:09
6. The Days of the After and Behind 05:49
7. Apocalypse 06:02
8. The Oracle (of the Fog) 05:07
9. Requiem 05:17
10. This Is Not the Silence 05:35
11. Hypnotic Psychosis 03:16
Total playing time 56:55

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Crónica @ jakeov

31 Marzo 2012

From the beginning it’s clear that this is the finest release from CADAVERIA so far.

The title “Horror Metal” might make you think of some cheap, over the top band in the vein of Cradle of Filth, but probably much more naive. Do not judge a book, or should I say album, by its cover or title. Cadaveria present something much more refined than this. From the beginning it’s clear that this is the finest release from Cadaveria so far. The album opens with “Flowers of Fire”, eerie ambient sounds followed by dark guitar sounds, and the haunting clean vocals of Cadaveria Herself. Like the rest of the album this song conveys a feeling of apocalyptic despair, of hopelessness and of fear.

Vocally, this is one of the best performances from Cadaveria yet. From growling like a demon at the gates of hell, to the voice of an angel; uplifting into a blue sky, Cadaveria’s vocals provide the perfect contrast to each other.
Instrumentally this band is solid, and the production is great too. The guitar work is diverse, from heavy thrash-esque riffing, through black metal and all the way to guitar work reminiscent of melodic death metal. The bass is solid, as are the drums providing the perfect backdrop to the soundscapes that Cadaveria creates.

The only downside to this album is that at times it can seem repetitive; however this doesn’t have a huge impact on the overall listening experience, as the songs draw you in and let you flow with them through the album.
Cadaveria have merged elements from several extreme metal genres successfully, with the right shades of light and darkness to convey feeling. Like Arch Enemy lost in a post apocalyptic wasteland, the heavy and sometimes melodic guitars combine with the overall solid instrumentation to create a satisfying and pleasant listening experience for any extreme metal fans. The Italian metal scene is full of diamonds waiting for the world to discover, and Cadaveria is one of them. This album is worth buying and listening to. 17/20

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