Genesis of a Satanic Race

Lista de los grupos Black Metal Lust (CAN) Genesis of a Satanic Race
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Band Name Lust (CAN)
Album Name Genesis of a Satanic Race
Type Album
Data de aparición 2005
Estilo MusicalBlack Metal
Miembros poseen este álbum6


LP version released by VINLAND
WINDS on red wax limited to 500 copies.
1. Intro 00:52
2. Birth of the Unconquerable One 09:14
3. Oh Horror 01:21
4. Storming under Steel 05:46
5. Genocide Bitch 00:25
6. Spear of Destiny 06:19
7. Hymn to the Exhiled 02:04
8. Iron Warfare 05:27
9. On Beyond Andromeda Pt.II 01:58
10. Portal to Cygnus 05:52
11. Nazi Occult Metal (Spear Of Longinus Cover) 05:09
Total playing time 44:27

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Lust (CAN)