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Band Name Blackguard
Album Name Firefight
Type Album
Data de aparición 29 Marzo 2011
Estilo MusicalMelodic Death
Miembros poseen este álbum43


1. Tephra 00:34
2. Firefight 05:03
3. Farewell 04:07
4. Wastelands 06:20
5. Cruel Hands 04:43
6. Iblis 02:53
7. The Fear of All Flesh 04:53
8. A Blinding Light 5:15
9. The Path 5:00
10. Sarissas 04:44
Total playing time 43:32

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Crónica @ Demogorefest

15 Abril 2011

A HUGE step up from their last album

As far as overly Melodic Death/Black metal bands go, the first band that pops into most metal fans' heads is usually Children of Bodom. However, there are many other fine examples of the over-the-top Melodic Death Metal bands out there, Blackguard being chief among them.
Firefight is definantly a HUGE step up from their last release, Profugus Mortis (which i wasn't too thrilled with). Something just seemed "lacking" from their last album... whatever that void was, it has been filled in their new album, Firefight. almost every track on the new album just seems to sound like their own "style", which seems to be lacking in most other bands that incorporate the "Bodom-esque" power metal riffs in their sound. Even more shocking than hearing a unique sounding Ultra Melodic Death/Black band was discovering that these guys are signed to Victory records (whom are notorious for signing metalcore and other popular teen crap to their label).
The album opens up with an epic 30 second intro called Tephra, and then quickly procedes into their title track off the album. Other highly recommended tracks off the album include "Cruel Hands", "The Fear of all Flesh", "the Path", and their slower and much more epic track, "Wastelands".
I had the pleasure of seeing these guys live in Chicago on the God is Dead, To Hell with God tour back in Feburary and i can safely say they were the best band on that bill (besides Deicide, of course). Blackguard has had an extensive touring history of the years, and it is definantly beginning to pay off. They were without a doubt the most energetic band of the night (at one point their vocalist dived into the crowd in the middle of "Allegiance").
If you weren't too thrilled with their last album, you may want to give Firefight a listen to. They've definantly evolved their sound on their new release, epic backing chorus vocals can be heard on almost every track, not to mention the plethora of Melodic Guitar solos and riffs in every song. This album earns a solid 18 in my book, if you get the chance to see these guys live on their extensive worldwide tour, don't miss the opportunity to hear one of the best albums of 2011 live

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miniradman - 16 Abril 2011: holy shit man, that was AWESOME!

Demogorefest - 16 Abril 2011: Glad you liked it dude. I think it was a huge improvement from their last album.
miniradman - 17 Abril 2011: well... To be honest, Ive never heard of these guys.

As soon as you mentioned CoB, I was interested.

...and I wasen't dissapointed ;)
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