Distractive Killusions

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Band Name Vesania (PL)
Album Name Distractive Killusions
Type Album
Data de aparición 03 Diciembre 2007
Estilo MusicalSymphonic Death Black
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 The Dawnfall (Hamartia and Hybris)
 Infinity Horizon
 Rage of Reason
 Of Bitterness and Clarity
 Silence Makes Noise (Eternity - The Mood)
 Hell Is for Children
 Distractive Cryscendo

 Rage of Reason (Single Edit) (Limited Edition)
 Neurodeliri (Limited Edition)

Total playing time: 43:05

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Crónica @ hack

21 Octubre 2009
This is the 3rd full length album from this Polish symphonic death/black metal quintet. According to the Wictionary(on line), Vesania is a word with Latin roots, that means madness(insanity or mental derangement). The title, Distractive Killusions, was meant to be a play of words on the phrase "distractive delusions."

This is my first album by Vesania and I had never heard of them before. I bought this album impulsively in 2008, because there was a sticker on it, advertising that it was performed with members of Vader and Behemoth. So I was expecting a kick ass death metal album, similar to Vader. After the first listen, I didn't consider it to be a head banging album. I was disapointed and let this album sit on a shelf for about 6 months. Then after I got bored with my other albums, I relistened to this album. Then I began to appreciate this CD. I recognized it as a symphonic style similar to Dimmu Borgir, without the pretty clean vocals. The songs are very good and original. They are written in a modern and slightly atmospheric style. The songs don't sound like some "cookie cutter" collection of musical patterns, following some sort of repetitive formula, they are very innovative works of art.

There are plenty of tempo changes from slower(thick) bass leads to fast keyboard leads. The simultaneous use of different rhythm patterns display unique sound textures. The bass and keyboards work together as a synergistic tandem with a groovy flair. The bass playing sounds very crisp(nice distortion). The subtle guitar playing stresses the songs with its high notes. There are some occasional Satriani like guitar leads. The keyboards sound very symphonic and are very breath taking at many times throughout the album. There is also some eastern European influence in the keyboards. The album is also spiced with some blast beats.

I think that the band is more similar to Old Man's Child than it is to Dimmu Borgir, Abigail Williams, or Grave Worm. Although it can be compared to all of those bands.

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