Descendants of Depravity

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Band Name Prostitute Disfigurement
Album Name Descendants of Depravity
Type Album
Data de aparición 27 Mayo 2008
Estilo MusicalBrutal Death
Miembros poseen este álbum94


 Torn in Bloated Form
 The Sadist King and the Generallissimo of Pain
 In Sanity Concealed
 Killing for Company
 Storm of the Fiend
 Life Depraved
 Carnal Rapture
 Fatal Fornication
 Sworn to Degeneracy

Total playing time: 38:37

DVD (Limited Edition)
 Live Show (Club Dynamo 16/02/2007)
 The Sadist King and the Generalissimo of Pain (Clip)

Total playing time: 01:02:32

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Crónica @ Fabien

16 Febrero 2010
For their fourth album, Prostitute Disfigurement came to the excellent Excess studios in April 2007, with a different face, burying their suffocating deathmetal and unintelligible growl. Raw and sometimes unbearable violence leaves place for brutality always present, but much more subtle and suggested. Equipped with a superb illustration of the Master by Olofsson, Descendants of Depravity was released in May 2008 by the brilliant Neurotic Records team (Visceral Bleeding, Psycroptic), a long year after its recording.

Similar to the last albums of Odious Mortem and Decrepit Birth, the band airs considerably his structures out, using now the brutality of its blast beats more sparingly, allowing it to increase the impact and the depth of his tracks, and therefore make them more digestible and hard hitting. Niels abandons his usual diarrhea to get a growl pure and articulated, sometimes superimposing an angry voice, which boosts all tracks very wisely.

Along with the technical drumming of Michiel, measuring his double pedal and blast beats with disarming ease, Roel and Benny play brutal and catchy riffs, often offset by half a tone, that qualifies and enrich considerably each track. Since the sharpened riffs of Killing For Company, until the crushing middle tempo of the formidable Life Depraved, through the frenzied solos of Carnal Rapture and the amazing final of Sworn To Degeneracy, Prostitute Disfigurement just hit with a violent manifesto and real finesse.

Perfectly calibrated by the production of Andy Classen (Krisiun, Sinister), both brutal and thin, Descendants of Depravity surprises at every instant by the balance of its compositions, producing one of the biggest slaps of the first half of 2008. Away from the hermetic style of Devourment, Prostitute Disfigurement combines brilliantly subtle and technical spheres, but has in parallel a delicious old school perfume, making his record darn catchy.


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