Blood of the Nations

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Band Name Accept
Album Name Blood of the Nations
Type Album
Data de aparición 20 Agosto 2010
Labels Nuclear Blast
Enregistrado en Nuclear Blast
Estilo MusicalHeavy Metal
Miembros poseen este álbum401


 Beat the Bastards
 Teutonic Terror
 The Abyss
 Blood of the Nations
 Shades of Death
 Locked and Loaded
 Time Machine
 Kill the Pain
 Rolling Thunder
 New World Comin'
 No Shelter
 Bucket Full of Hate

Total playing time: 01:12:51

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Comentario @ Dr.Feelgood

18 Octubre 2010

The Metal Heart Awakes

When I read that Accept are coming back with a new album and a new singer I thought that it would be another bad album just like Eat the Heat(1989) and I wondered '' will it worth without Udo on lyrics?''. Before the album be released I decided to watch their new video ''Teutonic Terror''. Firstly I got surprised and secondly I wanted to listen to the song again and again. Blood of the Nations is a real heavy metal album because a man whose name is Wolf Hoffman wanted to write some songs with the same old guys except the singer. Many would start thinking how this album would be heard with Udo, but I can tell you this, that Mark Tornillo is the only one who can sing Blood of the Nations better than anyone else! The songs are typical Accept songs, they are fast, slow and dangerously aggressive from the first one ''Beat The Bastards'' to the last one ''Bucket Full Of Blood of the Nations'', even the bonus track ''Land Of The Free'' is so great that you can't take it out of your head. If you are searching a pure heavy metal album, then this one is the only that can offer you feelings which you felt 26 years ago and Wolf wrote so many riffs that are sticked to everyone's ears!! I can say without hesitation that Blood of the Nations is better than Russian Roulette and Metal Heart and you must listen to it. Just do not turn it down because Udo is not singing, but give the chance firstly to yourself and secondly to Mark, who is an awesome vocalist, trust me!!

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