Back Through Time

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Band Name Alestorm
Album Name Back Through Time
Type Album
Data de aparición 03 Junio 2011
Estilo MusicalFolk Metal
Miembros poseen este álbum239


1. Back Through Time 05:03
2. Shipwrecked 03:31
3. The Sunk'n Norwegian 04:07
4. Midget Saw 03:18
5. Buckfast Powersmash 02:33
6. Scraping the Barrel 04:40
7. Rum 03:29
8. Swashbuckled 03:53
9. Rumpelkombo 00:06
10. Barrett's Privateers (Stan Rogers Cover) 04:41
11. Death Throes of the Terrorsquid (ft. Ken Sorceron of Abigail Williams) 07:46
Bonustracks (Digipack Edition)
12. I Am a Cider Drinker (The Wurzels Cover) 02:58
13. You Are a Pirate (Lazy Town Cover) 01:33
Total playing time 43:02

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Comentario @ CLucker666

11 Enero 2012

What a fun listen

Alestorm is one of those bands that you can just tell immediately who it is. They have one of the most unique sounds I have ever heard. Their sound is just so damn unique and cool. You can dance to it in one song, headband to the next, and get drunk to all the others!

I think one of the coolest parts in the album and the band as a whole is the pirate sounding vocals. He does not growl, yell, or scream. He talks like a pirate and pulls it off so greatly!! A really cool song is the intro Back Through Time, it starts off pretty fast and then goes straight into folk sounding instruments to guide the sound throughout the album. And by that I do not mean it is repetitive. I just think every good album has its own sound and this one definitely does.

I absolutely LOVE Death Throes of the Terrorsquad, it is my favorite track on the album. A lot of the reason to that is because it features Ken Sorceron from American Black Metal band, Abigail Williams. I think giving this album a black metal sounding ending was the best possible way to end it. Especially the epic sound of the Leviathan in the background right as it ends is extremely interesting.

The keyboard work makes this folk metal album a definite jewel for me. I do not think I have ever heard any band like this before. Sure you have got your other folk metal bands like Korpiklaani, Elvenking, etc.. But they still sound nothing like Alestorm. I only know of one other band with a pirate sound to them and that band is Swashbuckle. But I still feel like Alestorm is very unique compared Swash buckle.

This band all in all is one of the coolest bands I have ever heard and this album is fantastic! I would have to give this album a 17/20.

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AlonewithL - 11 Enero 2012: Well we recognize the guy who listens for the first time Alestorm. About the "black metal" Abigail Williams, it is called "Symphonic Black" if you heard "Death Throes of the Terrorsquid".
CLucker666 - 11 Enero 2012: umm yeah but regaurdless it is still a form of black metal and if youve heard there newer songs then youll realize they arent symphonic anymore
Crinn - 12 Noviembre 2012: Alestorm is fun, but ALL of their songs sound identical. I just saw them last night and their music got WAYY too repetitive and monotonous after their third song. That's why I don't really like Alestorm, they still have yet to make any changes to their sound
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