Altered State of Consciousness

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Band Name Fractal Gates
Album Name Altered State of Consciousness
Type Album
Data de aparición 01 Junio 2009
Estilo MusicalProgressive Death
Miembros poseen este álbum38


1. Visions I 01:20
2. Altered State of Consciousness 03:42
3. Gates to Nebula 05:31
4. Inertia 04:20
5. Visions II 00:58
6. Immersion 05:40
7. The Eclipse 04:10
8. Visions III 00:40
9. Skies of Orion 04:45
10. The Encounter 04:03
11. Visions IV 01:05
12. Illusional Dementia 05:43
13. Departure 05:50
14. Visions V 00:49
Total playing time 45:56

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Fractal Gates

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Crónica @ samMETALHEAD

22 Julio 2010

I was hunting for some uncommon melodic death bands when I stopped at Fractal Gates. The album name was enough to grab my attention. I had never heard progressive death before so decided to give it a try. And I wasn't disappointed.

Altered State of Consciousness(ASOC) is the debut full-length album of Fractal Gates. The album should have been a little more polished but anyways, it was quite audible. The songs are mostly over 4 minutes. Like the chapters in a book, the album is broken in 5 parts with name Visions (1 to 5).

Skies of Orion, Inertia, Altered State of Consciousness, Immersion & The Eclipse are the stand-outs of the album. The riffs are catchy & melodious with mostly chugging sections. The drumming is superb. It felt like as if the drums are controlling the way the song's played.

But I found the growling to be weak. It should have been a little loud. The album
also lacks good solos but the riffs and the brilliant drumming will be more than enough to hold your attention. ASOC is worth keeping in your collection.

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hack - 30 Julio 2010: That was a great review! I'm going to start making my reviews longer, like you do. Thanks, for the help!
samMETALHEAD - 30 Julio 2010: No problem man. Thanks.
It's good to see someone(such as yourself) taking an initiative and writing reviews about underrated bands who need our support.
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