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Succulent Morsels

Demo, 2008, Self-Produced

Vintage Flesh : Succulent Morsels


1. To Silence the Laughter
2. Portals of Confusion
3. Corpse as My Cabin
4. Tower of Distain
5. Waiting for a Body

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The Eyes That Glared at My Agonies

Album, 21 June 2009, Self-Released

Vintage Flesh : The Eyes That Glared at My Agonies


1. Malleus Malificarium
2. Corpse as My Cabin
3. Portals of Confusion
4. For the Spirit That Walks in Shadow
5. 1635
6. To Silence the Laughter
7. The Eyes That Glared at My Agonies
8. Waiting for a Body
9. Tower of Disdain
10. Corpse as My Cabin II

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Vintage Flesh - Ravenfrost

Split, 2010, Self-Released

Vintage Flesh : Vintage Flesh - Ravenfrost


1. A Witch after Death 06:29
2. In my Night 02:51
3. Einsamkeit (Mix 2010) 07:21
4. This Pain is Like an Everflowing Stream 06:52
5. Wizards to Hour Hearts 08:04
Total playing time 31:37

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Hour of the Night Gaunts

Album, 2011, Self-Produced

Vintage Flesh : Hour of the Night Gaunts


1. Follow Me to the Grave
2. And the Light Went Unseen
3. Priest Skin Ship
4. Not to Die until It Is Done
5. And Still I Wait
6. Oh What Demon Has Tempted Me Here
7. To Serve the Dark Design
8. Pity's Long Broken Urn
9. Sighs for Ye Silent Grave
10. A Deeper Gloom to Bear
11. The Dead Who Groaned Within
12. Hour of the Night Gaunts
13. When I Wandered Away with Death

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