Josh Schroeder

Name Josh Schroeder
Birth date Unknown
Country USA
City Saginaw

As a producer, Josh Schroeder draws on years of engineering expertise and creative intuition to craft records that showcase both sonic clarity and artistic vision. As a drummer, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, and keyboardist, he is able to work with every member of a band on an individual basis.

Josh spent most of his life pursuing the visual arts as a graphic designer. When asked about the jump to musician in 2004, he responded “the process of creating music is very similar to the process of painting, photography, or literature; The goal is to tell a story and move the audience with expression through medium. The best art, no matter what form, always has balanced structure, contrast, detail, style, and confident execution. My job as a producer is to provide a creatively stimulating environment, technical expertise, and a mature perspective for overall composition.”

In 2006 Josh began producing heavy rock, metal, and hardcore music for friends (For Today, See You Next Tuesday). Josh opened his studio (Random Awesome) to the public in 2008, going on to work on career defining records for many bands, including The Color Morale, King 810, Battlecross, Legend, Wolves & Machines, In Hearts Wake, The Browning, and many others.

Josh Schroeder lives in Bay City, Michigan with his wife Sara and their vast collection of video games.

Produced albums