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Band Name Marduk
Album Name Warschau
Type Live
Released date 05 December 2005
Music StyleBrutal Black
Members owning this album159


Re-Issue in 2008 by Regain Records with a bonus DVD included.
1. The Hangman of Prague 03:55
2. Seven Angels, Seven Trumpets 02:42
3. Slay the Nazarene 03:38
4. Azrael 03:03
5. Burn My Coffin 05:23
6. Panzer Division Marduk 02:26
7. Blutrache 05:25
8. Bleached Bones 04:54
9. The Black... 03:22
10. Steel Inferno 02:29
11. On Darkened Wings 04:22
12. With Satan and Victorious Weapons 03:41
13. Throne of Rats 03:15
14. To the Death's Head True 03:24
15. Sulphur Souls 05:54
16. Warschau 04:54
17. Wolves 05:43
1. The Hangman of Prague
2. Perish in Flames
3. Burn My Coffin
4. With Satan and Victorious Weapons
5. Warschau
6. Wolves
Total playing time 01:08:30

Comment @ Mika_Helvetia

26 February 2006
A live with new the line-up of the Swedes... What it's going on ? Eh well I must say to you that I am good astonished. Indeed, after having had a little evil to make me with the raisonnances of Plague Angel (that now I appreciate...) I was astonished in good! Sonore quality is rather exemplary as of the first piece, The Hangman Of Prague, and already the rise to warlike power is made sentire in my spirit... After great names such as Azrael it is Burn My Coffin (of Those of the Unlight) which is given to the style of the day with an unequalled power on CD of origin! Undoubtedly the new voice is there for something... With the continuation it is legendary Panzer Division Marduk always so explosive! One will note excel it Bleach Bones or With Satan And Victorious Weapons, and the impossible to circumvent one for live in Warsaw; Warschau. Small bad thing; one undoubtedly expected more tracks resulting from Panzer Division Marduk, in any case Baptisme By Fire and Death' S Head True is a little massacred. But to conclude I would say that it is one of live most powerful which it was given to me to listen to!!!

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