Vid Helvetets Grindar

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Band Name Afgrund
Album Name Vid Helvetets Grindar
Type Album
Released date 2009
Music StyleGrind Death
Members owning this album9


1. A Future Europe in Flames
2. Noone Give a Fuck Anymore
3. A Burning Cross on your Perfect Lawn
4. Forbrukningsartikel
5. Inevitable Environmental Collapse
6. Klinisk Digital Kyla
7. T(h)rash Vortex
8. Borja Fran Noll
9. The Empire
10. Kuken som Vapen
11. The Great Cover-up Apocalypse
12. Maskin-Manniska
13. Karnvapenbestyckad
14. Death Lovers
15. Loneslavar sla tillbaka