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Band Name Hands Like Houses
Album Name Unimagine
Type Album
Released date 23 July 2013
Labels Rise Records
Produced by James Paul Wisner
Music StylePost Hardcore
Members owning this album12


 Developments (Unseen)
 Introduced Species (Unwinding)
 Weight (Undone)
 Shapeshifters (Unbreakable)
 The House You Built (Untouched)
 A Tale of Outer Suburbia (Unchained)
 Oceandust (Unrest)
 No Parallels (Unbridled)
 Fountainhead (Unbound)
 Wisteria (Unkept)
 A Fire on a Hill (Uncovered)

Total playing time: 42:07

Review @ VesselsOfBlood

29 December 2013

Colorful Post-Hardcore

Australian sextet Hands Like Houses formed in 2006 from Canberra as So Long Safety. After changing their moniker, they released their first full-length album entitled "Ground Dweller" in 2011. Afterwards, their sophomore effort would turn out to be "Unimagine," released in 2013.

The musicians demonstrate some nice instrumental prowess in this record. The singing is quite powerful in voice and tone, and it's very clear that the vocalist is putting his all into his performance. The guitars accompany these vocals with vivid melodies that definitely can latch onto the audience upon listen, along with some synthesizer effects thrown into the mix. As for the percussion department, the drums are actually a bit technical. That isn't to say they're within Buddy Rich standards, but there is a little detail and boldness to it that it is definitely worth mentioning. Instrumentally, "Unimagine" succeeds.

This album was produced by James Paul Wisner, who also did similar work for highly renowned bands such as Underoath and Paramore. The mixing is actually much better in this album than in the previous one "Ground Dweller," where it sounded too blended. Here, everything is much more crisp, but the mixing doesn't think to sacrifice any of the atmosphere from the last record.

The greatest strength of "Unimagine" is its indelible level of passion behind it. Every inch of the musicianship and writing oozes with emotion one way or another, and it really makes way for an invigorating and uplifting sound. This is to the point where it becomes quite contagious, and it really sticks to the listener in this way.

On top of that, the songs themselves are crafted quite nicely without compromising this energy. Although the music itself isn't exactly original or inventive, that doesn't stop the record from being powerful in both emotion and structure. Highlights that especially follow this formula include "Introduced Species," "No Parallels," and "A Fire on a Hill." "Unimagine" is an instance where for an album to sound good, innovation does not have to be part of the equation; Solid substance and effort is all you need.

As well as the music itself, the album's lyrics are also to be admired. They're positive and poetic, somewhat relying on imagery to deliver their message. "A Fire on a Hill," for an example, portrays effort and sacrifice to make a name for oneself as setting a great fire on a hilltop (The music video depicts this quite accurately), with picturesque lines such as "We'll set fire to a hill, so intense that it will be the brightest star on this side of the sky." Other subjects include unity (Introduced Species) and perseverance (Fountainhead). The lyrics are overall as strong as the music itself.

"Unimagine" is quite an empowering release. As stated earlier, the energy behind it is so prominent that it's actually pretty infectious. In addition to that, not only does the music have a lot of vigor, but it also has plenty of substance to it. The musicianship is very well-played, the production sounds bold, and the music balances on the line between emotion and structure really nicely. Jaded music-goers looking for innovation will probably be indifferent to this record, but it's highly accessible and likable for the common audience. "Unimagine" is a really good album to help brighten your day.

Originally posted on: http://metaljerky.blogspot.com/

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