Tinnitus Sanctus

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Band Name Edguy
Album Name Tinnitus Sanctus
Type Album
Released date 14 November 2008
Labels Nuclear Blast
Recorded at Gate Studios
Music StyleMelodic Power
Members owning this album262


 Ministry of Saints
 Sex Fire Religion
 The Pride of Creation
 Nine Lives
 Wake Up Dreaming Black
 Thorn Without a Rose
 Dead or Rock
 Aren't You a Little Pervert Too?

DISC 2 (Bonustracks) - Recorded live in Los Angeles, California, United States, O9/2007
 Catch of the Century
 Lavatory Love Machine
 Tears of a Mandrake
 Vain Glory Opera
 Fucking with Fire
 King of Fools

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Review @ Vinrock666

17 November 2009
For some time now, Edguy have been slowly mixing in some 80’s L.A. sleaze/glam rock into their German power metal formula. Their 2009 (U.S.A. release) “Tinnitus Sanctus” CD appears to be a most successful culmination of that effort.

To be sure, there are many cuts that Edguy have provided that still retain their classic sound of metallic choruses and melodic guitar solos, including “Nine Lives” and “Wake Up Dreaming Black.”. The best song on the album, “The Pride Of Creation” has the strongest power structure with a great hook and some nice fills throughout the third chorus crescendo. “Aren’t You A Little Pervert, Too?!” is that fun and folksy song. It strums side by side with lead songwriter Tobias Sammet’s patented humorous, but nonetheless intelligent, lyrical flare. And of course, “Speedhoven” is the album’s epic piece even though it should be remarked how singular and unorthodox the song structure is with its pounding three verse introduction, organ line, interweaving guitar duet, and the epiphany invoking soft interlude after the second movement..

There are a number of other tracks; however, that purposely evoke a different plume of sound; that dirty, rocking, Sunset Strip kind of smoke. That influence can be found during the verses of both “Dragonfly” and “9-2-9”. The choruses; however, still remain Teutonic. Of that rock verse/ metal chorus format, “Dead Or Rock” is probably the best example of them all, and while not technically a ballad, “Thorn Without a Rose” is nonetheless the soft song - an overt shout out of sorts to those old hair metal power ballads made famous from that bygone era.

Edguy, of course, is a very current band, and amazingly by looking back, they have managed to move forward with a very fresh album. What makes this all really work, to no surprise, is the star quality that Tobias Sammet provides. In terms of what it means to be a great front man – he is now what was then. “Tinnitus Sanctus” may very well be the result of a very simple thought experiment. Regardless, this is a very well written, well produced, and creatively smart album. Whether this work was truly made to rock for all time it will never be known, but one thing is clear, Edguy’s “Tinnitus Sanctus” is one of the very best metal albums to come out this year.

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Pelta - 23 November 2009: i listen edguy some times, its a god band

my husband plays theys songs sometimes

thanks for tellme about ur post!
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