Three Marks of Dreams

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Band Name Jumpscare
Album Name Three Marks of Dreams
Type EP
Released date 29 September 2016
Music StyleAlternative Metal
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1. Broken Lands
2. Succubus
3. Your Illusion

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Comment @ Grey_Warden

20 July 2017

A great mixture of Core,Alternative and Modern Metal Style!

The first studio work of the italian alternative metal band "Jumpscare" is "Three Marks Of Dreams" and extended play self-produced by Jumpscare themselves and recoreded in B-SIDE Studio (Salerno,Italy). This EP is very particular and the songs are very well constructed, the only one thing that I do not liked was the quality of the production,It has to be more powerful and better mixed/mastered
Their debut Ep shows a reasoned and definite music mixing melodic metalcore/hardcore with nu/alternative metal mood and some post-thrashy sounds
Imagine a band which has some Killswitch Engage,Linkin Park,Disturbed,Soulfly and Of Mice and Men's crazy! Thier songs are really really great and I really liked even the message. "Three Marks Of Dreams" is a concept Ep based on how dreams and nightmares can influence our life-styles!
"Your Illusion"and "Broken Lands" work Without any hiccups, while balance elsewhere goes missing.Succubus, which confirms the angry but melodic mood of the group, which centers on certain passages, but adds others, and for this reason the final result is watered over the excessive length of the song that makes it blur and redundant.
Thier debut Ep shows a reasoned and definite music personality, but sometimes loses, and is also a little bit weighed by the frills. For now, however, "Three marks ..." proves potential. Listen to melodic "core" fans and do not dislike a widespread use of clean voices.

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