The War Within

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Band Name Shadows Fall
Album Name The War Within
Type Album
Released date 21 September 2004
Music StyleMetalcore
Members owning this album128


1. The Light That Blinds
2. Enlightened by the Cold
3. Act of Contrition
4. What Drives the Weak
5. Stillness
6. Inspiration on Demand
7. The Power of I and I
8. Ghosts of Past Failure
9. Eternity Within
10. Those Who Can Not Speak

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Shadows Fall

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01 January 2010
This is the 4th full length album from this American metal core quartet. They are from Springfield Massachusets, which is about 76 miles southwest of Boston. This album reached the #20 spot on the Billboard 200 chart. The song, What Drives The Weak, was nominated for a Grammy in 2006. But it was edged out by a Slipknot song. This album has sold over 300,000 copies in the USA.

Most of the album alternates between an old school style of heavy metal and grinding thrash. The guitars display lots of intricate melodies. The bass plays crushing riffs. The drumming is very energetic and skilled. The vocals of Brian Fair are in his usual fugue style, with his intense yelling vocals, and his clear tenor singing. The lyrics seem to have a theme of how wisdom can help people in their lives.

The Light That Blinds starts off with a soft and innocent sounding acoustic guitar ballad, then progresses into flashy guitar playing that sounds similar to John Petrucci(Dream Theater) or Joe Satriani. Then crosses over into some energetic thrash, that can be compared to Sacred Reich.Act Of Contrition starts off sounding like an average Shadows Fall song, with mid-tempo thrashing. Then the guitars start to shred with complex melodies and chromatic changes. There are plenty of blast beats on this song. This is a killer song.

What Drives The Weak is great metal song. It has a very catchy thrash melody. The song is complemented with some nice clear vocals in the softer interludes of this song. Their is a cool guitar solo in the middle of this song, that reminds me of Vivian Campbell of early Dio. This is one of their best songs from any of their albums.Inspiration On Demand sounds like a heavy metal ballad infused with intervals of speedy thrash. I can detect a strong Metallica influence on this song. It has a some similarity to Fade To Black( on Metallica's Ride The Lightning album).The Power Of I And I thrashes with a shifty rhythm and transposes into more melodic guitar variations. The drums sound very rich and dynamic.

The Ghost Of Past Failures has a more laid back sound, with its elongated notes. It's interspersed with intricate guitar licks, plus a nice guitar solo towards the end, that sounds like the style of Vivian Campbell. The usual dual sound of the fugue style vocals are accompanied with pop like choruses.Those Who Cannot Speak starts with a bit of acoustic guitar playing and then takes off into some intense shredding, with an intervention of some slower music. Then it's back to the attack. The intensity gets brutal towards the end of this song.

This is one of their best albums and I think that it's better than their new album, Retribution. Fans of Trivium and Demon Hunter will probably like this album.

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Selfdestruction - 15 December 2011: Still Amazing ;) ! Thank you for the review!
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