The Great Mass

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Band Name Septicflesh
Album Name The Great Mass
Type Album
Released date 18 April 2011
Recorded at Devasoundz Studios
Music StyleSymphonic Death
Members owning this album463


 The Vampire from Nazareth
 A Great Mass of Death
 Pyramid God
 Five-Pointed Star
 Oceans of Grey
 The Undead Keep Dreaming
 Mad Architect

Total playing time: 43:40

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Review @ Dr.Feelgood

23 April 2011

The Atmospheric Abyss Of Death

In death metal there are many kinds such as death-thrash of Death, viking death of Amon Amarth, melodic-prog death of Opeth and atmosperic death of Septic Flesh. We could say without any hesitation that Septic Flesh are a school in death metal on their own and that because I can not remember any old band having played like them. Who could imagine that three years after their magnificent creation Communion the band would release another masterpiece and maybe one level hihger than the previous one. The Great Mass came like thousands tons of metal to our ears with a begining and an ending, including the excellent contribution of the philarmonic orchestra of Prague.

If I had the chance I could describe all the songs of the album one by one. The first track "The Vampire from Nazareth" is the beginning I refered before, a beatifull dark song which leads anyone into the deepest paths of the album. "A great mass of death", this one I think that describes totally the character of the album and in this mass the seal of the magical voice of Androniki, the siren from Chaostar gives a different tone. Something that it sounds more in this album than in Communion is the participation of Sotiris Vayenas on vocals and this makes the songs even better. You can hear him in "Oceans of grey" and "The undead keep dreaming". Two songs full of rhythmical guitars which creat a perfect symmetry, difficult to describe it if you have not heard the songs and the melancholic parts entice our souls.

It seems that all the members have done a great work, everyone on his part. Seth is heard more brutal than in the last albums and he reminds me of his vocals in their first full-length Mystic Places of Dawn. Fotis Bernardo is presented like a maniac behind the drums, he can play everything in any time, whether you want him slow or fast. In the second case check "Rising", the only heavy-death song of the album with unforgettable leading guitars. Finally Christos is the musician who does not only play the guitar parts with Sotiris, but also he is the main man who organizes all the samples and the orchestration of the album.

Despite the absence of solos, something that does not matter anyone of the listeners, I don not think that something is missing from the album, so I can say that The Great Mass is the physical evolution of Communion, with more orchestral parts in the songs such in "Apocalypse". This one could be described as a multi formed song because of its many alternations on guitar parts and is it only me who imagines scenes of the Apocalypse by hearing it? The ending is "Therianthropy" one of the best if not the best song which appeals and provokes too anyone to sing the overtured lyrics and a song which completes idealy this path of death called The Great Mass.

I do not know what you believe, but I say that this album is the best death metal album in the last two years and may you call me exaggerated, but this is just my point of view. This line-up does great things and as we are used to saying in Greece "the team which does not change, wins!". Septic Flesh have nothing to prove anymore, they are just the Lords of death and by their recordings we enjoy this music.

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Comment @ Tepponaattori

20 April 2011

Another reason to love Greece.

After their comeback with Communion, I've been waiting eagerly when they will release a new album and when 'The Vampire from Nazareth' was released, I got more excited. Luckily, my waiting paid off.

This is pretty much what you could expect from them today: heavy and fast music with lots of orchestrations and atmosphere. Vocals are one of the best I've heard for a while. Really great growling and the clean parts even fit with the rest of the music. Guitar work is excellent also. Riffs are great and strike you on your knees. Drumming is what makes them so great and here it shows you why: fast as hell but still not ruining it. Giving so much praise to the artists here, I have to say that the orchestrations are still better. Giving a really great final touch to the music and making it so great to listen.

Overall, this is became one of my favorites right from the first track. Highly recommended. Recommended tracks: The Vampire from Nazareth, Five-Pointed Star, Oceans of Grey and Rising.

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