The Beginning of the End

Band's List Brutal Death Acrania (UK) The Beginning of the End
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Band Name Acrania (UK)
Album Name The Beginning of the End
Type EP
Released date 28 January 2013
Labels Self-Released
Produced by Stu McKay
Music StyleBrutal Death
Members owning this album17


1. The Beginning... 01:35
2. Auctioneer of Depravity (ft. Benjamin Ellis of Bloodshot Dawn) 03:46
3. The Depopulation Programme 03:41
4. Dimensional Molecular Transcendence 03:45
5. A Trophy of Corporate Disfigurement (ft. Kevin Schwartz of Pathology) 04:10
Total playing time 16:57

Review @ VesselsOfBlood

10 February 2014

Brutal Deathcore Mess

Acrania, an upcoming force in the underground deathcore scene, formed in 2012 from London, England. Although they are relatively new, their popularity is already starting to reach bigger heights. This is all thanks to their debut EP released in early 2013 rather fittingly titled "The Beginning of the End." Despite the rising fanbase for this record, however, it really doesn't live up to its hype.

In fact, the only legitimately decent aspect of this album is the musicianship. The vocals have a great range and energy to their delivery, especially in their grooved, fast-paced moments that are especially prominent in the song "Auctioneers of Depravity." The downside to them, however, is that they are very overplayed throughout the album, and it gets heavily overwhelming rather often. The drums also show off some nice prowess in how technical they are, and the same can be said for the guitar work as well. If there is one good thing to come out of this record, it would definitely be the instrumentation.

The production and mixing of this album is rather on the fence. On one hand, the instruments do sound crystal-clear, and nothing about the music sounds too blended. On the other, however, the problem with the mixing is that it sounds a little too plastic, lacking enough atmosphere to sink listeners into the music any further. The production is not necessarily bad, but it could have been carried out a bit better.

Structurally, the album doesn't hold up very well, for various reasons for different tracks. "Auctioneer of Depravity," for an example, sounds like numerous parts of songs thrown together into a somewhat haphazard mix, lacking transition and sounding very forced because of this. "The Depopulation Program" and "Directional Molecular Transcendence" both have endings that sound incredibly empty and anti-climactic. It's problems such as these that make "The Beginning and the End" not very enjoyable, and instead comes off as a bit of a cluttered mess.

Even taking the technical issues out of the picture, this album isn't even very fun or invigorating to listen to. Although there are a few stand-out moments, the end product overall is a mess of constant in-your-face noise including the vocals, blasts, and breakdowns. I think this problem mainly stems from how they are not placed sparingly enough so they can deliver their full effect, sort of like how frosting should be thinly spread over the cake. In short, "The Beginning of the End" is like a thimble-sized cake with a heaping bucket-load of frosting on top; It might look good, but after having a piece, you leave feeling tired, sick, and bloated.

"The Beginning of the End" is downright exhausting. While the musicianship is very talented and there are a few decent parts every now and then, the majority of the record is pretty difficult to listen to. The songs are too poorly constructed, and they do seem like they're trying too hard to lay the jackhammer on you to get caught into its brutality, and the end product is almost unlistenable. There are plenty of other deathcore acts out there that are much better composed and executed, and with that in mind, you'll probably want to skip this.

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