The Adversary

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Band Name Thy Art Is Murder
Album Name The Adversary
Type Album
Released date 16 July 2010
Music StyleDeathcore
Members owning this album68


1. Unholy Sermons 00:50
2. Soldiers of Immortality 03:26
3. Laceration Penetration 04:25
4. Furnace of Hate 03:22
5. Flesh Oracle 03:21
6. The Adversary 04:06
7. Decrepit Purification 03:51
8. The False Prophet 03:30
9. Engineering the Antichrist 03:32
10. Requiem 02:20
11. Cowards Throne 04:45
Total playing time 37:28

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Thy Art Is Murder

Review @ miniradman

21 October 2010
The Adversary is Thy Art Is Murder’s debut album is of the Deathcore genre. This album was released in 2010 by Skull And Bones Records. Thy Art Is Murder is an Australian Band originating From Sydney New South Wales.

The Adversary is a Deathcore album, which is rare to find this of quality Deathcore coming out of Australia. The Adversary is an incredible album considering that their last EP Infinite Death was disappointing to my standards of Deathcore. This album is full of what a good Deathcore album should be, a mix of screams/growls, breakdowns, blast beats and solos.

This album is full of energy and is should be up there with Deathcore Giants Whitechapel, their musical styles are similar. There are many surprisingly great songs on this album, the song Laceration Penetration has a heavy breakdown in it and a double kick so fast it will make your ears bleed. The lead singers growls sound almost the same as the growls from Carnifex and Carnifex’s vocals get a thumbs up from me. Screamed vocals are a little bit rarer in the album but still common and are up to scratch.

Although Thy Art Is Murder has shown massive improvement over their last EP (Infinite Death) it still has some work to do before it can be as big as Carnifex or Job For A Cowboy (some say they are Deathcore and some say they are Death Metal, I am using them as an example of Deathcore in this case.) I know this may sound dumb (considering that this is Deathcore) but I think some songs should be more melodic, because even in songs by other mainstream Deathcore bands such as Carnifex, Bring Me The Horizon and Suicide Silence there are some melodic elements not just bang bang Scream Growl, this would be ok for a band that is Brutal Death but not so much Deathcore and this is just my oppinon. The only track that is melodic is The Requiem and that track is only instrumental. Also there are a few guitar solos which aren’t any good; they lack speed, melody or originality.

There are few interesting things about this album. The first one is the incredibly fast double kick in some of their songs and also the speed at which they play at, songs such as The False Prophet. Also that I am also surprised that they did not put their only good song from the Infinite Death EP Infinite Death on this Album I was actually hoping for it.

Still this album as a whole wasn’t that bad considering how bad their EP was. There are still a few hurdles to cross as for the band itself and since I live In Australia I should he hear more of Thy Art Is Murder in The future. I give The Adversary a 15/20

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Review @ Satanicarchangel

27 February 2014

Here We Go Again...

Whenever I feel like ripping something to shreds I turn to Thy Art is Murder, and lets face it, they always deliver. This Australian band is one of the worst deathcore bands I've ever heard, and although The Adversary is being lauded as a commendable deathcore release I personally don't see it. Okay, so it's not as annoying as Infinite Death, they got rid of the old vocalist and hired a new one so it seems like they're actually trying to do something with their sound. There's far less random technical noodling on display here which would be a good thing if the rest of the music was actually, you know, interesting.

The Adversary is boring, unbearably so. Songs follow the same structure, there's an abundance of breakdowns and palm muted riffing. Vocals are tolerable, the high screams are thankfully more bearable than those found on Infinite Death, but they lack character and sound weak. The low growls have more power behind them but they too lack character, he sounds like plenty of other deathcore vocalists and he adds nothing to the music.

Vocals are never the most important aspect of an album, so I'll focus on what matters the most; the instrumentation. The guys in Thy Art is Murder can handle their instruments well, that's pretty obvious, but they can't write cohesive material at all. Breakdowns are placed frequently and randomly within the music, there's no flow between each riff with each transition being rough and unpolished. The lead work ranges from technical leads, solos to palm muted riffs. Each one is uninteresting. The technical leads are well written enough but each one sounds the same, there's no variation between each riff and thus the whole album blurs together. The breakdowns are by far the worst part of this album, being frequently used, they add nothing to the music and make me Hate it a whole lot more. There's easily more than 2 breakdowns each song, always popping up in the most predictable places. That sums up the whole album perfectly; predictable. Each song follows the same format of technical lead, breakdown, solo, another breakdown, rinse and repeat.

Not much of anything happens on The Adversary, the riffing is diluted and sterile, vocals lack character and the breakdowns are among the worst I've ever heard. Infinite Death was atrocious but at least it had more character than The Adversary. What this is is a pathetic attempt from a band trying to gain some credibility after releasing an absolute shambles of an ep and completely failing in the process. The fact that I've reviewed this album means I've listened to it all the way through, twice in fact, and I will never forgive myself for that. Avoid at all costs.

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