Sound Track from Film : Mabuta No Ura

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Band Name Boris
Album Name Sound Track from Film : Mabuta No Ura
Type Album
Released date 2005
Labels Catune
Music StyleDrone
Members owning this album5


1. Theme
2. The Middle of the Stairs
3. A Bao A Qu
4. The Slow Ripple of a Puddle
5. Your Name
6. White Warmth
7. Melting Guitar
8. Yesterday Morning
9. Amber Bazaar
10. Smoke Sequence
11. Space Behind Me Part II
12. The Picture of the Wind
13. It Touches

Comment @ Scandals

04 February 2010
A landmark addition to my collection, ‘Soundtrack from Film “Mabuta no Ura”‘, is my 1000th CD and it is probably my favourite release from Boris’s extensive catalogue. A band that never fail to surprise, enlighten and amaze, ‘Soundtrack…’ is something of an oddity in even their discography.

The record is a soundtrack to an imaginary film, dreamt up by the three members of Boris. It plays pretty much like a soundtrack; a number of shorter, acoustic and ambient led tracks mixes in with more traditional Boris drone and fuzz. It works very well, especially on tracks like ‘A Bao a Qu’, and the mellow closing epic ‘It Touches’. It’s a much more soundscape album than some of their other releases, like the ominous drone of ‘Absolutego’ or the rock and roll odysseys of ‘Pink’ or ‘Smile’.

‘Soundtrack…’ is an eclectic collection of tracks, rippling acoustics interplaying with fuzzy feedback suit the theme of the film soundtrack, but few tracks stay around long enough to constitute songs. Other bands would struggle to pull something like this off AND keep it interesting. But Boris have this unnerving talent that allows them to make the mundane interesting, and the interlude track can definitely fall into that category.

‘Soundtrack from Film ‘Mabuta no Ura” is yet another mind bending curveball from the masters of such a thing. Since you never know what to expect from them, your best hope as a Boris fan is to sit back and expect a masterpiece. For be it drone, psychedelical, sludge or stoner rock, a masterpiece it almost always is.

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DALDO - 06 February 2010: I would have sustain the motion. I find Boris to be at their best in moments of obscurity, veiled and abetted by flora overgrown and wild. I love how they habitually avoid every well trodden path and lead the listener along with the spirit of a true pioneer, at times blazing ahead with a home made machete of iron sharpened on a bench grinder, and then as if being led to a destination of the utmost exclusivity, I notice from behind a furrowed brow a single blade of tall grass tied around the left-hand limb of a forked tree. Adventure can be had by the subtle and brash alike, we are keen and enjoy a challenge. After catching them live, I will not fail to attend any future bonfire hosted by Boris in my neck of the woods. These guys fucking rock.
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