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Band Name Boris
Album Name Präparat
Type Album
Released date 06 March 2013
Labels Sargent House
Music StyleDrone
Members owning this album3


1. December 03:50
2. Elegy 04:16
3. Evil Stack 3 00:58
4. Monologue 04:21
5. Method of Error 06:55
6. Bataille Sucre 04:32
7. Perforated Line 00:42
8. Castle in the Air 02:19
9. Mirano 04:59
10. Canvas 05:14
11. Maeve 02:33
Total playing time 40:39

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Review @ VesselsOfBlood

03 July 2013

Basement Drone

Boris is a group that has been dwelling on musical experimentation for a very long time. It all started back in 1992 in Tokyo, Japan, and ever since, the trio has released countless albums in blending different genres and subgenres of metal and rock. These mixes have included drone, doom metal, pop, psychedelic rock, and plenty of others in their rosters. This time around, the band returns in 2013 to bring about yet another helping of musical polymerization known as "Präparat."

For this record, Boris primarily delivers a murky fusion of psychedelic rock, drone, sludge, doom, and a few others. Overall, it is well-performed. With this type of genre in mind, one can expect to hear some thickly atmospheric and dark music, and that is exactly what the trio brings to the table. The sludge-esque singing, the buzzed guitar work, and the trashy-sounding drums makes way for a resonant yet raw instrumentation, both in delivery and production. It also helps in making the formula all-around ambient and enjoyable. The genre mix itself is quite an oddity, and the band takes advantage of that bizarre nature with soothing yet dark tunes. Although they tend to drag at times, the songs that fit under this category hold up quite nicely.

The other side that this band takes on in "Präparat" is performing dark drone tracks. Like in the previous segment, this type of music focuses on atmosphere. However, what separates songs like "Evil Stack 3" and "Perforated Line" from the rest of the tracklist is how much more odd they are than the rock-oriented side of the album. The drone consists of electric guitar Noise, as well as electronic Noises, and the band does a great job in creating a load of atmosphere to suck listeners into their dizzying fabric. The most notable track in this category is "Perforated Line," mainly because of its ending. Although the song starts and almost ends with guitar Noise drone, the track suddenly cuts into a dub beat for a few seconds, making the music all the more bizarrely engaging. Overall, the drone is done solidly as well.

"Präparat" can be described as a record that is bizarre, psychedelic, and most importantly, enjoyable. It is clear that Boris has returned to do what they do best: Delivering batches of entrancingly experimental music. Both the doom-rock and drone sides of the album's spectrum are planned and executed solidly, and despite any shortcomings, it nonetheless fares quite well. In terms of recommendation, on one hand, those looking for really eventful, fast, and explosive music shouldn't try here, as the album is overall slow. On the other hand, however, fans of dark and atmospheric tracks will want to give it a shot.

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