Soulside Journey

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Band Name Darkthrone
Album Name Soulside Journey
Type Album
Released date 13 January 1991
Recorded at Sunlight Studio
Music StyleDeath Metal
Members owning this album460


 Sunrise Over Locus Mortis
 Soulside Journey
 Accumulation of Generalization
 Neptune Towers
 Sempiternal Sepulchrality
 Grave with a View
 Iconoclasm Sweeps Cappadocia
 Nor the Silent Whispers
 The Watchtower

Total playing time: 41:44

Review @ CLucker666

21 December 2011

Nothing like the rest of their albums...

Darkthrone is one of the most popular Black Metal bands up to this day, although I don't care for their newer material. They are a Norwegian Black Metal band starting in 1987 and released a Soulside Journey in 1991.

This is a great album for sure, but it does not sound like Darkthrone. It sounded like an old school death metal record to me. I almost forgot I was listening to Darkthrone when I was midway through the album. That does not make it bad by any means. I actually quite enjoyed this album and somewhat wish they had more death metal releases. But their next release was for sure a black metal album with few death metal influences left in it. They recorded this masterpiece at Sunlight Studios in Sweden so it has fairly good quality compared to most of their albums, which is odd considering it is their first album.

My favorite track was Cromlech, track one. It has a cool synth intro to it but my favorite part of the song is near the end, where they added a really cool bass riff that lasts a couple seconds and definitely was my highlight of the song. I like the vocals a little bit more in this album than their black metal albums and a lot more than their latest releases. From what I have heard, the guys from the band Entombed helped them with the album to have a Swedish sound to it. Sweden knows how to make good metal, mostly known for Bathory, Amon Amrth, At The Gates, Dark Funeral, etc..

Honestly, If Darkthrone had stayed a death metal band. I feel like they could have even more success than they do a black metal band, even though they are still one of the most popular. It is just a feeling I have and I think some would agree. They were not outstanding death metal vocals, but they fit, and worked quite well. The guitar work was insanely catchy and fit the album great with the fast riffs and tremelo picking.

Another popular song on Soulside Journey is Accumulation of Generalization. It is mostly an instrumental but it has some growls without lyrics that fill in some spots of the song. This was a pretty great album and I think it deserves an 18/20. The video below shows the next albums sound and it will tell you how much they changed between each album.


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CLucker666 - 21 December 2011: i have liked everything i've listened to by them. i haven't checked out the latest releases but i have heard singles and haven't cared for them
Crinn - 21 December 2011: oh dude dark thrones and black flags is an amazing album! haha i loooove the first song off of circle the wagons, the big patch on the back of my jean jacket is a circle the wagons patch :P
CLucker666 - 21 December 2011: I've only heard circle the wagons single and I haven't given it much of a chance but I sent love it, I'll make sure to check it out again
CLucker666 - 23 December 2011: I didn't love it**
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