Riders of the Plague

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Band Name The Absence
Album Name Riders of the Plague
Type Album
Released date 07 August 2007
Music StyleMelodic Death
Members owning this album69


1. Riders of the Plague 04:01
2. Dead and Gone 05:02
3. The Murder 05:23
4. Echos 05:05
5. World Divides 05:35
6. Prosperity 04:08
7. Untitled 00:04
8. Awakening 05:14
9. Merciless 06:45
10. Into the Pit (Testament Cover) 02:48
11. The Victorious Dead 04:16
12. Outro 07:03
Total playing time 55:18

Review @ Ardour

03 December 2008
I've only recently become a fan of The Absence (well, about 6 months at a guess ?), and I've been really stunned by this album.

After being recommended by a good friend of mine as "Dude you gotta check out The Absence, they're like the love child of Arch Enemy and Lamb of God !" I thought, fuck me, I'd best get on the case.

So off I Googled and Myspaced. On their myspace, they do have a fair amount of songs off this effort on their player, and it's robbing themselves, as they shouldn't leave as much stunning material on there for free !

"Riders of the Plague" is a great, underrated, undiscovered by the masses album, even though they're on Metal Blade ! It amazes me they haven't been exploited to death like a lot of new bands these days as such a label, considering they're on the same roster as bands Whitechapel, Unearth, and the fastest rising band in ears, Job for a Cowboy. Though honestly, it's a good thing, long as they keep releasing gold like this.

The thing about this band that gets me, is they know exactly what they're doing, down to a fucking tee. Bad-ass, techy (not ott techy, always intresting and intricate, groovy stuff) and just cool as fuck Metal. What Metal's all about, without all the cheesey Satan/666 are that ruins it.

I mean literally, down to their crisp as fuck guitar tones, courtesy of Diesel and Mako amps, Caparison, and ESP Guitars, possibly the sexiest guitar sound I've ever heard. But that's for super shredders like these boys who deserve them, whilst we all live in dream world like amateur bands and bedroom guitarists do.

Track highlights include "Dead and Gone", "World Divides" (especially the intro, you know it'll be a wall of death everytime !), a fantastic cover of Testament's "Into the Pit" (as much as I dislike Testament, this is a top-notch cover), and the fantastic, anthemic, "The Victorious Dead", which has left me thirsty as fuck for the next Absence offering, hopefully dropping next year !

Sadly, they've not graced UK shores as of yet, so I'll be writing a live review with them soon as they do, as I can't miss them. Haha... after reading some interviews and reading up on the band, you'll realise just exactly why it'll never be with the ultimate false metal, douchebags who are ruining mainstream metal, Trivium. Soon as I read, it made me realise these guys are not only an awesome band, but they've got their hearts in exactly the right place.

20 out of fucking 20, everytime.

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