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Band Name Dissection (SWE)
Album Name Reinkaos
Type Album
Released date 30 April 2006
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1. Nexion 218 01:32
2. Beyond the Horizon 05:20
3. Starless Aeon 03:59
4. Black Dragon 04:48
5. Dark Mother Divine 05:44
6. Xeper-I-Set 03:09
7. Chaosophia 00:41
8. God of Forbidden Light 03:42
9. Reinkaos 04:43
10. Internal Fire 03:20
11. Maha Kali 06:04
Bonustrack (Video)
12. Starless Aeon 03:56
Total playing time 43:06

Review @ Demogorefest

16 July 2009
  Over 10 years after Storm of the Light's Bane was released Dissection finally releases yet another album Reinkaos, which I believe to be their greatest achievement in their long spanned career, the now infamous jon Nodtveidt (who comitted Suicide shortly after the release of this album) has (had) one of the best vocal styles in Black Metal History, which are proudly showcased on this Melodic Black Metal Masterpiece. However, this releasse is more than just an album, it's also apparently a Magic Formula of sorts from the Temple Of The Black Light which teaches mainly on "Cosmic Satanism", and promotes Militant violence and all sorts of evil, this Album represent what Nodtveidt and other members of Dissection Believe. The album mainly focuses on Misanthropy and the teachings of the temple, and boasts some of the best sound quality heard in Black Metal yet, combined with Crushing Rhythm guitars and Epic guitar solos in every song this is one album that is hard to put down, every track has a new sound to it, and has several great Instrumental songs, all songs are intwined with Nodtveidt's Satanic beliefs too, which make it all the more interesting. songs such as Maha-Kali and Xepe-I-Set evoke powerful thoughts and images of Occult Demons which are praised highly in these songs, this is truly Dissection's best album by far in my opinion. Other tracks like God Of Forbidden Light are the songs that never get old, and will have you listening to them over and over again with epic and catchy riffs. And as in all of the best Black Metal albums, the last track is always the best, Maha-Kali, with it's melodic and epic solos and the piercing screams of hatred that erupt from Nodtveidt make for one of the most moving songs ever created. this album almost reflects the life of Jon Nodtveidt and his beliefs, the epic feel of every song and the Hair-Raising solos only adds to the greatness of this album, and it's cosmic Tribute to Satan. i can't recommend this album Highly enough to anyone who is a fan of cold, dark, evil, or Misanthropic black metalRIP: Jon Nodtveidt 

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Review @ Polonium

22 February 2010
Sweden, Sweden, Sweden, damn I love Sweden, for my early years of metal were all about Swedish Melodic Death Metal, and I really feel sorry for I knew nothing about Dissection till late 2007, it really feels like "it's too late" and like "what the hell I was doing all that time without listening to Dissection?"

Without regret, I remember listening to "Reinkaos" and how I kept listening to this album for a whole 40 days, everything was new, everything was great, a whole new world I knew I stepped into. The album starts with an Instrumental for about a minute and a half, this opening foretells how glorious the album is going to be, like nothing else in the Metal Scene, for the first time, at least for me, the starter foretold exactly about the album, giving a glance at this starter it's not musically complicated or advanced, but, it really puts you in the atmosphere, it prepares you to enter the world of "Reinkaos". Without delay, the next track starts, great drums, great guitar riffs, then comes a solo, not to exaggerate here, I'll move forward to the third track, I mean, it's like no other, outstanding drum beats, drum techniques, drum speed, outstanding guitar riffs, guitar solos from the very start of the third track "Starless Aeon" till the end, and one can't forget to tell about the electro-acoustic being played in the middle of this song, and the great sound effects that serves well here, I mean this album generally is very rich with great short guitar solos and guitar riffs being played in the background.

Then comes the rest of the album, I mean, I don't want to talk about each and every song in this release, but, generally, I say it again, great bass, great drums, great guitar riffs and solos, great usage of electro-guitar and sound effects, and talking about sound effects, I like to talk a little bit about final song "Maha Kali", the first time I saw this title I thought "what the hell?", but I was totally wrong, I mean, this song is the greatest song I ever heard in my life, especially when it comes to the electro-acoustic, female vocals and clean vocals, everything thing is perfect in this song, as did in the whole album.

Talking about the vocals, the vocals remind me a lot with the vocals of Satyricon, nothing unique about them, no actual techniques and I think nothing more can be said about the vocals but they're pretty good and well combined with the other musical elements.

The title of this album is awesome, also the selected titles for the tracks. For the lyrics, this part is very interesting, they're not usual lyrics, they reflect Jon's beliefs and are very deep, in fact, they also reflect deep and rare philosophy concerning about deeper issues than the usual Satanic ones. There's a usage of old English terms in some of these lyrics, and this usage is pretty good and smart, it seems that Jon really knows what message he wants to deliver and it seems like he's done his work perfectly.

A final thought, I really miss Jon, his music, thoughts, everything about him, so I just want to say Rest in Chaos Jon.

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