Pulling Out the Nails

Band's List Death Grind Misery Index Pulling Out the Nails
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Band Name Misery Index
Album Name Pulling Out the Nails
Type Compilation
Released date 09 March 2010
Music StyleDeath Grind
Members owning this album22


1. Manufacturing Greed
2. Your Pain Is Nothing
3. Blood on Their Hands
4. Pulling Out the Nails
5. Dead Shall Rise
6. My Untold Apocalype
7. Alive?
8. Reality Distortion (Disrupt Cover)
9. Sheep and Wolves
10. Exception to the Ruled
11. The Imperial Ambition
12. Multiply by Fire
13. Defector (Thinning the Herd)
14. Conquistadores
15. Walls of Confinement (Napalm Death Cover)
16. Scene and Not Heard
17. Hang'Em High
18. Love It or Leave It
19. Discordia (Acoustic Version)
20. Ruling Class Cancelled
21. 49 Second of Hate
22. The Color of Blood
23. Meet Reality
24. The Living Shall Envy the Dead
25. Demand the Impossible
26. Panopticon
27. Screaming at a Wall (Minor Threat Cover)
28. Alive? (Live)
29. My Untold Apocalypse (Live)
30. Manufacturing Greed (Live)