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Band Name Falconer
Album Name Northwind
Type Album
Released date 2006
Music StyleMelodic Power
Members owning this album55


1. Northwind
2. Waltz with the Dead
3. Spirit of the Hawk
4. Legend and the Lore
5. Catch the Shadows
6. Tower of the Queen
7. Long Gone by
8. Perjury and Sanctity
9. Fairyland Fanfare
10. Himmel Så Trind
11. Blinded
12. Delusion
13. Home of the Knave
14. Black Tarn
Bonustracks (Digipack Release)
15. Kristallen den Fina
16. Ridom, Ridom
17. Liten Vätte
18. Vårvindar Friska
Bonustrack (Japanese Release)
15. Child of the Wild '06