New Shores

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Band Name Lunatica
Album Name New Shores
Type Album
Released date 27 February 2009
Recorded at Gate Studios
Music StyleSymphonic Metal
Members owning this album100


 New Shores
 Two Dreamers
 How Did It Come to This?
 The Incredibles
 My Hardest Walk
 Farewell My Love
 The Chosen Ones
 Hearts of a Lion
 Into the Dissonance
 Winds of Heaven
 The Day the Falcon Dies

Total playing time: 50:15

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Review @ Vinrock666

19 January 2010
The post production embellishments to the root sound have resulted in a softer, poppy, pseudo-symphonic rock album in Lunatica’s 2009 release “New Shores”. As much of a creative genius producer Sascha Paeth is in his own right, when called upon to assist in the work of others sometimes the true source of the album’s identity becomes muddled. It becomes a question as to whether what you hear is still Lunatica or the latest Paeth project.

Take “Into the Dissonance” for example. It is not only written and arranged by Paeth, but the main sound is a trippy vibe heavy with effects most unusual in comparison to the other tracks. Of the eleven songs on “New Shores” three of them are ballads. “Farewell My Love” features guest vocalist John Payne in a duet with Lunatica’s female lead singer Andrea Datwyler. Great sound notwithstanding (there is a Latin acoustic guitar in the softer first half) this also isn’t typical. Finally, “How Did It Come To This” is another ballad that morphs into a more bombastic symphonic finish that in the process smothers the metallic soul of the guitar voice. To add, the taming of the beast is the prevalent feeling for most of the hard sections found in many of the songs despite how cool it may still be (“The Chosen Ones” and “My Hardest Walk”) in its diminished role.

Still, the plethora of layers along with the high quality of sound production (again, two of Sascha Paeth’s greatest strengths) make for very interesting listening. Piano (“Two Dreamers”) to keys, acoustic (“Heart of a Lion”) to electric, and percussion (“The Incredibles”) to rolling drums are but a few ranges expanded on “New Shores”. Melodies sweep through refrains in perfect harmony with inspirational (if not sometimes preachy) lyrical content, including best song nominee “Heart of a Lion”.

For metal fans, Lunatica’s “New Shores” is more candy than meat and potatoes in that it is very sweet to hear but if you crave a heavier, harder edge it will not satisfy your hunger. It is frustrating when you consider the rhythm section of Lunatica how clearly they have the ability and vision to provide a greater metal sound. As it stands; however, “New Shores” is an ambitious album with a far reaching range of musical variety both in sound and direction.

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Comment @ Stephanie_Noel

04 July 2011

Awesome listen

Lunatica New Shores

Since I first discovered the band Lunatica, I was very intrigued. The singer’s voice is like a taste of breathe, and the way the song's created with perfect melodies their new album New Shores doesn’t disappoint.

From the second song, which is the first I heard from them called “Two Dreamers”. This is a type of song that would be called a Final Fantasy song. Meaning it’s a song that would be good, for making Final Fantasy fan music videos. If you've ever seen them. Anyway the song starts out with a magical keyboard riff opening. Then when the song kicks in the music is like a fantasy type of feel. The 2 verses hold an addicting pulse that is easy on the ears.

Another thing that I like about the album is the first song “New Shores”. It’s a great way to kick off the album with a bass-like intro. Then you get to the guitars and the symphonic orchestra does a light beat that gives you a very bouncy. The lyrics from the song “Up to New Shores” make you feel like you’re on a journey to a big adventure.

Unlike the symphonic bands I’ve heard lately, this album is kind of soft. The CD is as dark as I thought it would be. Naturally I’m used to listening to a lot Nightwish which gives you a movie score feel. This album is more on the soft poppy feel.

But to clarify my opinion on the album. I like it and the songs are very catchy. I would carry their music everywhere I go.

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carlly - 08 December 2011: Well now I'm curious about this band..I'll listen to their songs..thank you
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