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Band Name Victims (SWE)
Album Name Neverendinglasting
Type Album
Released date 2001
Music StyleHardcore
Members owning this album2


1. Rest Your Case
2. Birth to Fall
3. Gate of Fear
4. Rewind and Forward
5. Lost
6. It's Just Not Me
7. Forsta
8. Bloodspill
9. Deny My Will
10. Forsent
11. Manniska, Maskin
12. What's the Point, What's the Meaning
13. I Can't Stop
14. Wasted
15. My Revolution
16. Mary Go Round
17. Vision of Hell
18. Alive by Force
19. Carusell of Pain
20. In Blood
21. This Fear
22. Another Link in the Chain
23. Starving for Grain

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Victims (SWE)