Memoria Vetusta III – Saturnian Poetry

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Band Name Blut Aus Nord
Album Name Memoria Vetusta III – Saturnian Poetry
Type Album
Released date 10 October 2014
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1. Prelude 01:22
2. Paien 07:55
3. Tellus Mater 06:20
4. Forhist 08:56
5. Henosis 07:28
6. Metaphor of the Moon 08:12
7. Clarissima Mundi Lumina 08:27
Total playing time 48:40

Comment @ Black_Bird

28 October 2014

More Prose than Poetry

It would be an odd thing if we could get to the end of 2014 without a new full length from the French black metallers. Though there are already a fair number of EPs out there since “777: Cosmosophy” came out, we already know that BAN is a band that has a fertile studio activity.
Another thing that is widely known among the enthusiasts of the scene is that there are two sides to Blut Aus Nord way of crafting black metal: the dark industrial and a much more experimental one where we can find the classic ,“The Work Which Transforms God”, and the melodic epic transcendentalism found on the Memoria Vetusta albums. While many were craving for a return to the more experimental nihilistic black metal after being disappointed with “Cosmosophy” or the overall 777 trilogy, others were overjoyed to see a new Memoria Vetusta only five years after the beautiful “Dialogue With The Stars”.
Unquestionably sounding like a Scandinavian beast awakened from the 90’s frost, “Saturnian Poetry” manages to distance itself from the other two Memoria Vetusta albums as its soundscape is revealed: an unstoppable avalanche of blastbeats, shredding melodies and tremolo pickings. Everything at full speed, making the record a very enjoyable black metal piece, however, it’s explosive intensity lacks the diversity of “Dialogue With The Stars” and, while being epic, it does not carry the grandiosity found on “Fathers Of An Icy Age”. The line-up was changed, which might explain a lot: Vindsval is there, of course, he has to be since everything BAN makes has to come out of his mind and his mind alone. But W. D. Feld and Ghöst are no longer present for this record, instead there is the new drummer Thorns (Deathrow, Frostmoon Eclipse and ex-Glorior Belli) delivering a pretty solid and dense drum work.
The third release of the Memoria Vetusta series will hardly achieve the status of a masterpiece, however, while it lacks the luster of its predecessors it doesn’t lack the soul and the power, making it one hell of an album that promises to leave no one unmoved.

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