Lost and Found

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Band Name Mudvayne
Album Name Lost and Found
Type Album
Released date 12 April 2005
Labels Epic Records
Recorded at The Plant Studios
Music StyleNu Metal
Members owning this album250


1. Determined 02:39
2. Pushing Through 03:28
3. Happy? 03:36
4. IMN 05:51
5. Fall into Sleep 03:51
6. Rain.Sun.Gone 04:36
7. Choices 08:05
8. Forget to Remember 03:35
9. TV Radio 03:26
10. Just 03:00
11. All That You Are 06:11
12. Pulling the String 05:05
Total playing time 53:23

Review @ JakeDaSnake

20 May 2011

One of the greatest Nu Metal albums by one of the greatest bands out there.

Mudvayne is actually a fairly recent metal band, tracing back to the late 90's when they released LD 50 and starting gaining fame for the single "Dig". They've changed dramatically throughout their career, going from a really heavy, almost thrash, sound, to a more melodic and complicated alternative metal sound. I think that both of their styles are really great in their own unique ways. I've been a huge fan of their music since I was in junior high, and they will always be one of my favorite nu metal groups. All of there albums have impressed me fully, especially their 2005 release "Lost and Found".

One of my favorite features of this album is that it incorporates both the old Mudvayne sound with a brand new and creative sound. There are still really heavy songs like Determined and Just, but they also show that they have progressed to new heights of melody and rock style riffs as well, shown in tracks like Happy and Forget to Remember. The shape of the distortion is also different, and you can hear the bass slaps for the first time. The music is a lot more technical and complicated as far as the drums and bass guitar go. The bassist has always been incredible in my opinion, but on this specific record, the bass is literally all over the fret board, and playing dramatically different notes then the guitar, yet still melding perfectly with the guitar patterns at the same time. It makes the record sound much more distinguished between other nu metal bands and gives the music a very carefully orchestrated feel. The drumming is very talented and has a lot of work with different symbols, off-beat double kick, and technically fast and energized riffs.

As for Chad Greys vocals, well, they're in top form. His singing has always had a really nasty and mad house sound throughout his previous records, but in this record, he includes both that and really decent singing as well.

You can tell how much effort the whole band put into this record, and the ending result is a polished masterpiece of heaviness and melody melded into one great mix that will impress anybody who can get past the fact that they're too mainstream or whatever. In fact, this is one of the bands that proves that plenty of the famous bands nowadays actually deserve their success and feedback. As far as the score for this album, I'd say about a 18.8-19/20


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emofreak33 - 21 May 2011: This was the first Mudvayne album I ever listened to, oh, and guess who showed u that album......ME! :D
JakeDaSnake - 30 May 2011: Lol yeah
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