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Band Name Atreyu
Album Name Lead Sails Paper Anchor
Type Album
Released date 28 August 2007
Music StyleMetalcore
Members owning this album130


 Falling Down
 Becoming the Bull
 When Two Are One
 Lose It
 No One Cares
 Can't Happen Here
 Slow Burn
 Blow (ft. Josh Todd of Buckcherry)
 Lead Sails (And a Paper Anchor)
 The Squeeze

Total playing time: 45:17

Review @ Julien

01 November 2007
A priori, Atreyu’s fourth opus seemed having nothing very attractive (Atreyu…attractive…easy joke…). My memories were vague. I was only remembering a classic band practicing a classic metalcore, carrying all the clichés one can expect: clear voice on the refrain and screamed voice on the verse are associated with a mix of strong riffs and more pop-oriented ones. To summarize it was a band sounding like so many others from the US.

Yes, but this time, the band has been able to move forward and the result is this quite original Lead Sails Paper Anchor. Nevertheless, let it be clear straightaway: despite these evolutions, if you can’t stand metalcore, you won’t be able to appreciate this album either. Added to this that these originalities are sometimes a little hazardous, but it’s well known that only those not trying don’t make any mistake. One must recognize that the band has successfully sublimed its music to offer us arrangements of great quality. Piano are present as are touches of brass, among others. In fact, this album could even be described as ultra melodic, even to the excess punctually. Indeed, the band’s choice has its price: loosing aggressiveness. The first track makes it obvious that the screamed voice doesn’t find its own place here. The mixing of ‘Doomsday’, for example, places the screamed voice too much in the back and the clear, punk voice too much in the front. The difference of volume is obvious and the result is unfortunate. Furthermore, many tracks are nearly without any screamed voice at all and that again is a shame. Some titles also sound above all like some Californian punk with its massive distortions. On the other hand, when the band decides to sound the charge, it’s very efficient. Even if the influences are palpable, Atreyu has assimilated them properly to offer us something quite personal. It sounds to me a little like a punk version of Trivium that is to say as if the band was a good student who hasn’t completely freed its music from its influences. It’s sad because there are a lot of good ideas here. The 80s-oriented tracks are quite great, at least if you are not annoyed by clear voice. Nevertheless I guess one can get used to it, even if this type of songs has already been played plenty of times. Apart from the little balance issue between the two voices, the sound is a killing and I can once more use my favourite statement: if it’s coming from the US, then the sound is a killing !!!!!!!

Even if this album won’t revolutionize the world of metalcore, Atreyu has had the guts to evolve musically. Not yet perfect, the band is on the good track. It is marking its difference from metalcore tenants and Atreyu’s efforts justify by themselves to give a chance to its album.

Translated by heavyboy

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